I've put the blog on an indefinite Hiatus (again). Sorry, I don't have enough time to blog anymore. But I will be back.... sometime. So please keep checking, and do not remove my blog from your bookmark! Later, homies!

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Kumble Finally Lets Out Steam.

Monday, July 31, 2006
Finally, Indian leg spinner Anil Kumble admitted that everytime he has been left out of the one-day team, it has hurt him. Well, it's about time! I still can't figure out why Anil has been left out of the one dayers so often in the recent past. Says Anil, "It hurt a lot three years ago [during the 2003 World Cup] but I have got used to it. To tell you the truth, I don't think much about it. Why worry when such things can affect your performance? Initially I used to get worked up, but not now. Look at how some people want me to play one-day cricket now. Strange they said nothing when I was dropped from the one-day team."

Probably one of the best spinners in the world, he has improved his batting in recent times as well. And one can never say he is a poor fielder. For his age, he is very athletic and no wonder he is mostly positioned at gully, one of the crucial fielding positions in cricket. With all this, he still gets dropped. You might argue saying two spinners in the one day format is too much, and Harbhajan Singh is better in the shorter version of the game. That is so untrue. Kumble is a way better bowler in any form of the game and Harbhajan Singh has a long way to go to reach Anil's record and commitment. He feels he's been taken for granted. "I don't think the demands are unreasonable, but often I think am taken for granted," he said. "I find it strange that when I take five wickets, it is considered no big deal because I am expected to do so. But if I finish with two or three wickets, it is said that I have had a poor game. That is not fair. Can a batsman score a century every time he walks to the middle?". That is so true man! The selectors are a bunch of no good favoritism-loving pricks.

And with all this, he might be asked to play the 2007 World Cup in the West Indies. No worries, since Anil is such a great player, he doesn't need any practice before he goes out onto the field and makes the batsmen dance in their crease. Good luck Anil, hope you kick some serious ass!

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Indian Bloggers Have The Last Laugh

Saturday, July 22, 2006
Huahahahahahah. Finally, the blogger ban has been lifted (somewhere around 8 pm last night) and we have the last laugh. All the bloggers have shown the Government that they can't fuck with us and our rights anymore. But most of them are going to forget the whole issue probably, as if it never happened. I wont. Especially since the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is headed by the notorious Dayanadhi Maran. The moron is known for controversies. I still feel there is something fishy about the blogger ban, something that would have lined his pockets with more gold. Especially the way the ban was carried out. Firstly, no one claimed responsibility for it. Secondly, no reason was given. Some say they wanted to ban certain "hate spreading" blogs but the ISP's ended up blocking the whole domain. I don't think the ISP's are that stupid. And the fact that every ISP did the same thing is too much of a coincidence. And of course, we all know Maran's famous threat to . He never does anything unless it has something to do with bling blings (like me, lmao). Too bad we'll probably never know why the ban was carried out.

But on second thought, who really cares? We've shown the morons in power that we're not to be fucked with, and that's what matters. Score one for the people. Keep it up, folks (especially those who filed RTI).

Sources: India Daily, My MySpace blog, Indian Express

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Blogger Ban: The Aftermath

Thursday, July 20, 2006
Whenever I said India was a third world shit hole with semi-communist politicians, some agreed with me but a lot people raised their eyebrows. Others gave a "wtf" look and some told me outright that I was a moron. Well, I have the last laugh. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has passed an order to the Indian ISP's (Internet Service Providers) to block several websites (actually 18, I think). These include xxx.blogspot.com, xxx.typepad.com and geocities.com/xxx (replace xxx with relevant subdomain names). That's right, so when I click "publish post" and it's posted, no one from India can read my awesome blog :(. The Government hasn't given any explaination (yet) to why it has banned these high traffic blogging sites along with the other websites. And we're supposed to be a democratic country that allows freedom of speech (or thought). Since no explainations have been given, there are several speculations as to why this has happened. Some say it's to keep Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI, a small time terrorist group) activists from communicating (apparently they use blogger and typepad according to the "intelligence"). Others say it's to stop terrorists from communicating after the mumbai blasts. Wha? Apparently these fucking morons in the Government forgotten a medium that can be easily used even by 3 year olds: a telephone? They could have their own radio transmitter/reciever too. You never know. By blocking these sites, it's not going to prevent them from communicating. Shivam Vij says, "The trouble is bloggers don't even know which sites the DoT wants blocked. To make matters worse, ISPs seem to be blocking entire domains on which these blogs are hosted (instead of blocking specific blogs that contain pron or that spread hatred)."

There are other numerous ways these "terrorists" could communicate, and banning blogging websites will not cut off a significant percentage of their communication. Coming back to the Government not giving any explainations (after all, its a country where its spelt democrazy)... I just remembered reading somewhere that a CERT-IN (Computer Emergency Response Team - India) official responding to a famous blogger about the ban "Somebody must have asked for some sites to be blocked. What is your problem?" [source]. You can conclude two things from that response. One, the guy is ignorant of the ban, does not know the reason for it and gets pissed when asked about it over and over again. Two, he is plain stupid. He is very much ignorant of the fact that a lot of Indians are into blogging. In fact, India is ranked 3rd in terms of highest number of bloggers. I wonder how this fool ended up in the CERT team. Oh n03s, j00 kn0w w4t t0 d0 wh3n s0m30n3 h4x?!?!?!? Moron.

And the funny thing is, even after the ban, users are able to make blog posts. And it is possible to read blogs using anonymous web proxies like Unipeak (thanks to Jay) and pkblogs.com or by using a proxy program like Privoxy along with Tor. If the ban were actually to prevent terrorists from communicating, I'm sure they'd know all these methods to get around the ban. Let's not under estimate their intelligence. So why ban anyway when porn and hatred can still be spread and viewed? By doing this, they're causing unnecessary problems/worries to hundreds of thousands of innocent bloggers and blog readers.

Okay, enough has been said on this. And I heard some of them are filing a RTI (Right To Information) suit. That's probably..... not going to work, as we know our Government very well. They'll probably arrest them saying that they were actually the terrorists filing the suit because their "medium of communication" had been jeopardized.

Sources: Desipundit.com, IndiaCensored.com, Rediff News

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Sunday, July 16, 2006
Exactly what the title says. I've been spending time off the 'puter for a while. That explains the over two weeks of un-updated blog. But hey (if you're reading this), I'm back! I know you don't care, and I know a lot of people don't read this. But I'm saying it anyway. Kind of like a self-confidence booster. And of course, everyone likes to think they're somebody in this world. So anyway, if you're my reader (I don't know why you would be one), keep checking regularly, 'cause Slim is back and ready to blog.