I've put the blog on an indefinite Hiatus (again). Sorry, I don't have enough time to blog anymore. But I will be back.... sometime. So please keep checking, and do not remove my blog from your bookmark! Later, homies!

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"We have your bra!"

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
We have your bra!Yep, the ad is partially hidden, but funny nonetheless.

It reminded me of the Gillian Chung incident. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then check out this story. I'll support Jackie Chan and his celebrity friends' cause.... IF I get to see Gillian Chung's titties first.

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Michael Holding, former West Indian paceman and one of the very few sane persons left on this planet, talks on "first-world" hypocrisy in the cricket world. Go, take a look, while I go watch Lidsay Lohan's boobies... Mean Girls is on HBO.

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Snakes On A Cross

Sunday, August 27, 2006
Snakes on a cross
"Snakes On A Cross" -- that would make an awesome Christian movie!

Note: I'm not an antichrist, atheist or in anyway against Christianity. I found this pic humorous, so I put it here. If you feel offended, my apologies to you. Kthx.

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Darrell Hair, the Australian umpire (refree, in "American") seems to be hogging the limelight in the cricket world at the moment. After his recent Oval test controversy, and the Pakistan cricketers asking the International Cricket Council (ICC) to sack him, he now offers to quit if he is paid $ 500,000.

Now, that looks like a neat idea to make easy money. Get a job, be a nuisance, and then make an offer to quit if you're paid a certain amount of money. That is how this whole Darrell Hair thing seems. Money minded or not, I'm not too sure. But I do see a hint of him being a racist... see for yourself. South Africa (I hate them, but since we're discussing something different, I'll support them), Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Pakistan... he seems to be giving harsh decisions against them. If I were the ICC chief, I'd sack this fucking Australian (I hate most Aussies too, though I have some nice pals from there). Oh, and I just had an idea... I'll claim $ 500,000 from Paris Hilton and promise to never talk shit about her again .

For those of you who don't know much about cricket, and especially, this controversy, click here for a small briefing.

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Pluto demoted to a dwarf

Friday, August 25, 2006
...but thats not going to be the main topic of discussion in this post. Pluto's demotion to a dwarf has gotten bloggers and forum posters highly excited and curious.... and a little bit stupid too. Take a look at this for example.

"...this will change the dynamics of our understanding of the solar system"




WTF? How so? Pluto is just being categorized as a dwarf, and that will not affect the solar system in its present state (future too, if you will). It wont affect our understanding of objects like Ceres, Xena, Charon, Pluto etc either. It only means there will now only be 8 planets in our Solar System instead of 9. Some people need to think before saying something, so they wont sound stupid. Next thing you know, Paris Hilton will be talking on this subject. Or worse, she might release a single named "Planets Are Blind" and sing about her views on this. Okay, I need a timeout.

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This blog is turning out to be a Paris Hilton bash-a-thon, it seems. But its not, its just that Paris is being a limelight hog and wont quit being dumb. Not even for a little while. It's all good though, because it gives me something to blog about. So what is it this time, you ask? Read on and find out.

The actress and "budding pop star" has insisted recently that she refused her millionaire parents' financial help after she first left home, because she was determined to prove she could make it on her own. So sayeth the anorexic heiress, "When I moved to Los Angeles, I swear on my life I didn't have anything and was living in a crappy apartment for models. I told my mum I didn't want any money." Despite her privileged upbringing, Paris - whose parents, Kathy and Rick, own the Hilton hotel chain - insists her success and wealth are down to her own hard work. She added: "I've done it all on my own. My cars, my house, I bought for myself."

AhEm... I'm not going to comment on this one... the truth is out there. But I'd like to see your views. So go on, feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

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Britney Spears and Paris Hilton banned!

Thursday, August 24, 2006
You heard right! If you're from the oriental world, and HATE these two sluts with a burning passion, then it's good news. Alright, you might be wondering why they banned the two. Read on to find out.

Well, what could they possibly be banned for? For peeling off their clothes, of course. What else do you expect from skanks? Spears was banned in Tokyo, Japan for because the publishers of Harper's Bazaar tried to display a poster advertising the singer's nude and pregnant photo spread, like so:

Britney Spears on Bazaar cover

And the reason given for the ban? "We thought some of our customers would find it to be overly stimulating." AhEm, stimulating indeed. The real reason was probably: "We don't want to display a picture of an ugly, fat bitch, which would cause our customers to throw up in public."

Paris, on the other hand, ran into problems with the video of her first single "Stars Are Blind" being blocked in India by censors, bacause it contained some sexual content. Seriously now, who would want to watch an obnoxious, flat chested bitch, that too in a sexy music video with shitty music? I haven't watched the video, to be honest. But thats besides the point. This is probably the first time the country's Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has done something right. They even rejected a "toned down" version of the video, which proves my point. Censorship -- banning hot chics who are eye candy, hot scenes being banned in movies -- is a different issue altogether. And I'll be blogging about that probably at a later time. This is a case of banning eyesore material. What I'd like to see next is their shitty music getting banned too (I can dream, can't I?).

UPDATE: Tokyo has reluctantly accepted Britney's nude poster and has reversed the "ban" (Aug 26, 2006)

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Critical flaw in IE patch

Wednesday, August 23, 2006
So what else is new? Microsoft's August IE security patch has a very critical flaw that would crash the browser when using some web based applications (PeopleSoft, Sage CRM). Also, websites that use HTTP 1.1 compression to speed up download of images would also cause the browser with this path to crash. This flaw can be used by attackers to run unauthorized software on a victim's computer.

Yep, its not new. Not the first time we've heard a similar story about a security patch from Microsoft. Mind you, I'm not one of those Unix lovers who likes to bash Microsoft and its products unnecessarily. I actually like MS too, for some reason. The thing is, they should look into possible flaws that might arise (when used with famous 3rd party programs) before releasing the patches. Oh well, it's not going to affect me in anyway. Firefox all the way .

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Paris Hilton and modesty.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006
This is what I saw the first thing my web browser opened and my home page (Yahoo.com) finished loading (Click on the picture for a larger view):

Leave out the "it's so good" part ('cause we know it's bullshit). She, like, cries, like, when she listens, like, to her own songs. Even Paris herself, like, can't, like, stand her own, like, shitty voice. Like, duh. That, or she must have cum in her ears.

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The worlds biggest hole!

Saturday, August 19, 2006
I was bored to death today and was doing some random google searches until I came across this:

WOW! It's supposed to be the worlds biggest hole. Situated in Eastern Siberia (Russia) near the town of Mirny, it's actually a diamond mine. It's 525 meters deep, and 1.25 kilometers in diameter. Now seriously, that's big!

Here are more pics, and their descriptions under them:

This monster truck like thing is called a "loader". It measures 13.36 meters in length, 7.78 meters in breadth and 6.65 meters in height. The next picture is interesting...

Take a look at the little red arrow on the right of this picture. That's the monstrosity you just saw in the picture above!

The suction above the hole caused several helicopters flying above it to crash. So all flights above this giant hole is prohibited.

An aerial view of the gigantic hole

A satellite view of the big hole

Woo! That was something! Its times like these that boredom can be fun.

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Earlier today, I saw a hyped up debate feature on the NDTV news channel about how bad in a shape the history lessons are in our schools. And the people/educational experts who were interviewed were seen in a heated debate on how the existing history lessons should be scrapped and the urgent need for new and unbiased (read: not anti-muslim, anti-sikh etc.) history lessons. I couldn't help but laugh out loud.

As you would have probably figured out by now, the title of this post is meant to be sarcastic. I've already made 3 posts (here, here and here) on how the WHOLE system is messed up and needs a look up. And only now, are these people starting to talk about the history lessons. Shows how aware people are about the system. I'm wondering when they'll figure out the whole system needs a look in, and most importantly, what they'll do to "unfuck" it quickly. Just cut out the religion crap in schools, and introduce a system where the students can choose what they want to study about. Stop shoving unnecessary stuff through their throats. 'Nuff said.

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The South African Cricketers are Pussies.

Thursday, August 17, 2006
Nothing more, nothing less. First, it was Dean Jones' comment that showed them how the team, and especially Gerald Majola, are big pussies. And now after the bomb blast, they've proved they're bigger pussies than anyone could imagine. If the Indian team says that the security provided is sufficient enough and the situation in Sri Lanka is okay, then it must be true. In spite of the Sri Lankan cricket board hiring a security assessment team, and them confirming that the security provided is very sufficient, the South African team hire another security team that is sitting in Dubai to assess the situation, which said "the current risk to the team is at an unacceptable level". Talk about faith. Like the former India cricketer Ajay Jadeja says, "If it's unsafe for one team (South Africa), then it must be unsafe for the other teams too." On the contrary, I'm saying that if it is safe for the Indian team, then it must be safe for the South Africans too.

Understandably, the Sri Lanka Cricket's chief executive, Duleep Mendis, is pissed about it... "I am amazed at their decision to return home," Mendis told AFP. "The government put in place presidential-level security for the team, yet they were not convinced. They took advice from a Dubai firm which is even more surprising. I did not see anyone from this firm in Colombo, yet they prepared a security report within 24 hours sitting in Dubai."

Apart from this whole drama, lets look at the facts. The bomb which exploded wasn't anywhere near any of the teams' hotels. Sources say it was 3 kms away from the teams' hotel. Things like this (bomb blast) happen even if a security team has confirmed its 100% safe. These things are unpredictable. The world is not really a safe place and anything can happen anytime. But cricket must go on (besides, the situation is under control and security for teams is tight). The next fact has already been mentioned above, "If it's unsafe for one team (South Africa), then it must be unsafe for the other teams too." and it's contrary. The civil war in Sri Lanka has been going on for some time now, and the South Africans were playing a test match series no earlier than a month. Now suddenly they want to leave. WTF with that? The truth probaby is that they already knew they didn't stand a chance of winning a single match in the one day format of the game because most of their experienced campaigners are hit with injuries. And the bombing incident happened as a coincidence, and they're using it as an excuse to flee to their homeland. I sure hope the ICC would slap a huge fine on these pussies, 'cause the Sri Lankan board will incur substansial losses because of their pulling out. Imagine how pissed the people of the cricket crazy sub-continent would be.

And as for cricket being conducted in small, island nations such as Sri Lanka and the West Indies, it's nothing short of moronic. Sri Lanka and West Indies venues should be stripped off international status and matches should not be held there, atleast not on a regular basis. This is not the first time a cricket series has been affected by bad weather. And if it is true that bad planning and scheduling is the cause for rain interrupted matches, then the ICC should impose huge fines from the cricket boards for the improper scheduling. Now, click that "add comment" link and give me feedback on my thoughts (if you know about cricket, and particularly the Sri Lanka situation that is).

Source(s): Cricinfo.com

Related post(s): People Need To Grow Up

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Solution For World Peace.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Let's all cut out this terrorism and war bullshit, perv on hot chics and die in peace. Simple as that. Fuck peace talks and war on terrorism.

Oh, and a happy Independence Day for the Indians. Though I don't see any reason in its celebration when we aren't really 100% "independent".

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Mainstream Music Sucks.

Monday, August 14, 2006
"Mainstream music sucks" - it's not the first time I've said that. But with Paris Hilton releasing her new single, and more recently, her soon to be released new album "Paris", mainstream music has hit an all time low. "Mainstream" applies to some rock music, most pop music, and ALL hip-hop and rap music of late. So much sucky music has been made in the past 4-5 years. From 50 Cent to KoЯn, Britney to Fall Out Boy, Slipknot to Trivium and more. I'm not even going to mention the "punk" and boy bands, 'cause they suck so much that they're not even worth talking shit about. Emo, now that's just.... I don't know. I really am at a loss for words to describe it. What's really funny is that there are a lot of people who actually listen to it. I never knew there would be so many people having a real bad taste in music. More funnier, good music (yes, I'm talking about the "true" metal) get no attention. Funniest, people who listen to crap music actually call metal "weird". I usually don't rant about stupid music, but now that I am, you could imagine what kind of mood I'm in.

Even Paris knew no label would sign her up, and no wonder it has been self released. But I'm wondering how Warner Bros. agreed to be partners. I bet they were payed in huge sums. Everyone knows her voice has been digitally altered etc. But still, her single "Stars Are Blind" made it to the top of the charts. WTMF?!?! That's just similar to perving on a transvestite. You know he/she/it/whatever has been "altered", but still like it. No offence to Paris and her "fans" (even if they're in a small number), but she should just lay off the music industry and concentrate on making more sex tapes for us pervs.

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Sex Education at 19.

Saturday, August 12, 2006
Something really funny happened tonight. My dad and I were having dinner, talking about Tamil (our local language) movies and how much it sucked these days. We were discussing the various aspects of how they sucked, which brought up the matter of lack of realism in todays Tamil movies... how the actors these days sucked at emoting, acting, doing comedy etc. And suddenly my dad blurted out, "The only realism in Tamil movies these days is SEX!" almost screaming out the "sex" part of the sentence. I almost jumped out of my chair, and the neighbors probably heard it too and were like "WTF?!". Well, okay that was an exaggeration. But he did shout out the particular word. Then he went on to talk about the subject.... blah blah... Yeh, sex education at 19!!!! I wanted to tell Pops that I already knew enough (thanks to all those lovely videos), enough to judge what was right and what wasn't. But I didn't want to spoil his enthusiasm, and had a hard time controlling my laughter!

Yea, you probably see where I'm coming to. Maybe not. But anyway, Indian parents... they never bother to give proper sex education to their children. And some - like my dad - try to talk about it when their children have already gone through all the pr0n, seen a dozen pr0n videos, and scout the TV channels late at night for something hot... only because they feel guilty for not educating us earlier, maybe because of lack of time or lack of knowledge of how to go about it. No wonder you see a lot of moronic people in Indian chatrooms. When they come to discover something called "sex", and that it's something other than that holds the meaning "gender", they go nuts. No wonder there are so many so called "eve teasers". So many feminists who call a innocent guy - who just learnt what boobs and pussy are, and stare at the girls in an awkward way because it is all new to him - an "eve teaser". (You are probably wondering why I put the word eve teaser in commas. You'll see pretty soon, as I'm working on a blog post about "eve teasing" in the country.)

So anyway, what I'm trying to say is... Indian parents need to give proper education about sex. Imagine a boy asking his mom about sex, and she asks "ey, why do you wanna know?" and he goes "Because I'm 25!". White people tell their kids everything about sex. They're like "Sit down Billy" and they have a screen, a slideshow... and the kid is sitting there, taking notes and shit. Indians, we know nothing man! And one wonders how we are ranked as the second most populated country in the world. So all you would be Indian parents, don't make the same mistake and continue the "tradition".

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Blonde Joke

Friday, August 11, 2006
Took me a while to get this blonde joke, but it's funny as hell! You'll roll on the floor and laugh your ass off. Well, probably not literally, but it's funny. Probably one of the best blonde jokes ever. Go check it out!

Update: The link has been changed. Thanks to an anonymous commenter for pointing out the "defective" link.

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People Need To Grow Up

Wednesday, August 09, 2006
Yet another controversy from the cricket world. This time it's the former Aussie cricketer turned commentator Dean Jones in the limelight. The Reason: He called a South African cricketer (Hashim Amla) a "terrorist" jokingly because he was a muslim and had a beard (read about it here).

Now, I think they're making a big deal out of this. He has been fired from the Ten Sports commentary team. That's going a bit too far, I think. For one, no one would be that dumb to quote racist remarks on live television. Two, the way it was said does not look like it was a racist remark. South Africa are still trying to get used to a post-apartheid environ and small jocular remarks like Jones' piss them off easily. I would understand if Jones or anyone else had called him a "Varknaaier" (to find out what that means, do some "research") or something similar. This incident has been given unnecessary publicity.

Even his commentator friends from the Ten Sports team wanted him fired. Now don't you think that's a bit hypocritic? They have fun together, do commentary together, and most definitely share personal views on various stuff (no matter how racist they are) off the air, but when he says something jocularly and people publicize it unnecessarily, everyone points a finger at him and wants him fired. Oh that's so grown up (Hello! Sarcasm, if you missed it).

Same thing with the word "nigger". It's okay if black people use it to address each other, but no matter how friendly a white person tries to sound by using the same "N word", everyone cries "RACIST!!!!!!!!!". Seriously, some people need to grow the fuck up. Evolve!

More readings: Jones' comment was an off-air joke, Commentators react to Jones' gaffe

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Indian Selectors Need to STFU

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
I really tried not to write about the John Wright - Indian selectors controversy, but it has gone too far now. It's so obvious by the selectors' reactions that whatever John has said is true. I don't think anyone of John's stature would go to the level of talking shit about something to get cheap publicity. Also, he has been there during the team selection, so he would know exactly what the selectors did. The exclusion of V.V.S. Laxman and Anil Kumble from the World Cup 2003 team would give one some idea of how the selectors push players from their zone... to the extent of excluding two of the finest players. The sudden inclusion of Dinesh Mongia after more than 2 years absense from the Indian team and the way Sourav Ganguly was sent out of the team after all he had done (agreed his batting and fielding form are bad now, but he should have been sent out gracefully) for it are other examples. Pushing mediocre players from his own zone at the cost of good ones, asking Rahul Dravid to keep wickets in the one day form of the game instead of finding a new 'keeper, the absense of a regular opener in the longer form of the game... I can go on. I see no reason for the selectors to act like cry babies if whatever Wright has written in his book isn't true. A lot of people say a lot of things everyday, can't react to each one of them. But that's not the case. And I do agree with Wright that the selection system has to change or Indian cricket will never reach the top in both forms of the game. I wouldn't be surprised if Dinesh Mongia and Parthiv Patel are included in the forthcoming World Cup.

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Bug Fixing. Fun Fun!!

Thursday, August 03, 2006
That's one of the "boringest" things one has to do. Ever. I just checked my page layout from Internet Explorer... and wow, I noticed the fucked up sidebar (which resides very close to the content, instead of the far right where it's meant to reside). I've been trying to fix it for almost one and a half hours, but Internet Explorer simply won't show it the way it's meant to be shown. ARGH! And amidst this, I accidently deleted an awesome video from my iPod (no, not pr0n... thankfully). It couldn't get any worse, huh? Maybe the US soldiers invading my room and taking away my beloved PC away from me, but that's very unlikely. Thank God.

Alright, I'm going back to figuring out what the fuck is wrong with the template code. Also, watch out for some subtle layout changes here and there. I'm making a few minor changes soon. I'm getting enthusiastic about this whole blogging thing all of a sudden.


Fixed the IE bug (Almost. The white space to the right of the sidebar won't go away in IE though, but it's not interfering with the content area anymore).

I'm back from a tiring 4 days of "fun" and will start blogging soon.

Added a "version bar" that shows up on Firefox at the bottom.

Added FAQ's because I was bored and had nothing else to do.

Made a new group blog with one of my close pals and will link to it as soon as the template coding is finished and there are a few posts.

And oh, I've gotten over the losing of Avril's video ;)

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Today, I Let Out Some Steam.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Yeh, it's about time I did that. First, I have one of the shittiest cell phone one could possibly EVER have. And now with the battery fucking up, it couldn't get any worse. I can't make a fucking call, much less recieve it. I bet even a bum on the street has a much better cell phone than mine. Oh yeah, I'm a bum too, but I'm not on the streets (thankfully). Actually, I wish I were, so I'd have a better mobile phone. But what pisses me off the most is I don't have the money to buy a new one and my dad..... you know where I'm coming to, so I'm not even gonna say it.

Second, one of my best friend is really going through a rough patch. I can't stand the sight of her whining and bitching about life and its problems. She used to be the cheery type, the one you could fall to when you need to bitch about something. Shit seems to happen to the good people. Always. I wish she gets her problems fixed soon.

Third, my shitty sleep cycle is back to haunt me. I slept at 2 pm today, woke up at 5 pm and I'm sure I'm going to hibernate tomorrow. And that sucks. And lastly, I've been trying to put in some time for my guitar lessons, but no! I never have the time. I'm busy hibernating, you see. Fuck! This mild bipolar disorder is getting out of hand I think...

Okay well, I'm just bored and didn't know what else to write. But I sure do hope things will fall into place for all the good people. I've learnt to adjust and live life. But that's not the answer, since the good people suffer and the bad ones get away with it. Maybe I can publish an e-Book and sell it for **ONLY** $ 200. Yea, that way, I could get the new cell phone I wanted and I could also get all the other neat stuff I've been wanting for some time now. There's a fool born every minute, you see. But they're lucky I don't cheat. So ye- huh? What's that you say? It's getting too boring? Oh okay, I'll stop. It's a surprise your wandering eyes even came all the way down to this point, considering this is one of those bitchy posts about life. On the brighter side though, my bro is here from Australia for a week's holiday. It's time I went out with him and burned a hole in his pocket .

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