I've put the blog on an indefinite Hiatus (again). Sorry, I don't have enough time to blog anymore. But I will be back.... sometime. So please keep checking, and do not remove my blog from your bookmark! Later, homies!

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To Be or Not to Be?

Sunday, December 31, 2006
No, this is not a Hamlet-like suicidal question. This is more in the tone of a lonely 19 year old guy from India, stuck between worlds and wondering if its worth still being a pessimist, or to turn into an optimist and expect some good stuff this new year. Optimist because the year is over, and I've survived some pretty nasty shit(s?) in life. But pessimism takes over at the thought of "what more shit would this new year bring along?"

From being hung like a horse, to being chick-less, being stuck in a shit hole of a place, trying - in vain - at getting some traffic to this blog, and to other pretty serious things that I won't mention, its been a pretty rough and tough year. Atleast some people, like my good friend Elena, had a pretty good year. You'd think posts like that would make you jealous subconciously, and in turn would make you more determined to work harder and come out successfully, no matter what (bad) luck has in store for you. If only it were that easy.

I think one of my major resolutions this year should be to become a celebrity. Then I'd get to go to foreign lands, adopt a child from an unknown African or Asian country (to increase popularity), make out with hot chicks (Shannon Elizabeth and Scarlett Johansson hopefully), get drunk and flash my crotch to the paparazzi and STILL be famous, and be the talk of the town. Hey, I'm just human and I'm entitled to have unrealistic resolutions.

Ah, so 2007. What to expect? I'm not so sure yet. It has been a rough ride, this year. Actually, the past 3 years. And recovery has been slow, and it seems the harder I try to get something done, the deeper I fall into this invisible, but very much existant dark, deep hole. Feeling of emptiness is no fun, obviously. I guess at some point of time, you have to step on other people in the hole and make your way up, using them as "steps". Or maybe one just needs some good luck. I don't know. I gotta wait and see, careful not to let any fucker use me as a "step".

I'm pretty sure most of the readers would be able to relate to this mixed feelings/emotions whatever. One moment you're depressed over something, and suddenly the next, you have a sudden surge of optimism and want to do out-of-this-world things. Then you're depressed again. And the cycle continues. Atleast thats what it has been in my case (I think I'm a bit bipolar). But lets just hope this new year, there would be less terrorism, less towelheaded extremists, less stupid people, no emo and pop punk bands at all, less corrupt politicians, no attention whore celebrities and no fake ass rappers and hip hoppers. Most of all, lets hope this year would be totally wacko (like my blog)!

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year (this is so totally unlike me)! And hot women for all (now this is more like me), even Clay Aiken. Lets make some realistic resolutions, people. And keep them!

P.S. Sorry for the emo nature in some parts of the post. This is one of the very few times you'll find The Slim being emo, so make the most of it to be nosey .

Britney Following Madonna's Footsteps?

Saturday, December 30, 2006
I found a rather weird story down at StyleIkon blog. At first, I thought it was some kind of joke. Britney Spears is adopting a child who was affected by the 2004 tsunami tragedy. Read about it here. I googled, and indeed, found a few entries on it. I would link to one of the results, but I happen to hate Perez Hilton for some unknown, mysterious reason. I'll just link you to a google search on it.

So anyway, human morals have hit such a low that adoptions are done to stay in the spotlight. Apparently Britneys break up, and the cootchie shots that followed haven't done her "reputation" any good. So she decided to go the Madonna way and build some. And lets not forget, Jolie and Pitt like to take back home souvenirs in the name of adoption from every foreign land they step on.

Celebrities are obviously ignorant of the fact that inter-racial adoptions are a sensitive thing. It's almost impossible, unless you're willing to change yourself and give up being selfish (which obviously Britney is not willing. See the next paragraph). I mean, who would want a stripp... whor... slu...bitc... err... lets just say controversial... Who would want a controversial step mom? Imagine... the kid wakes up one day, turns on the TV and finds his step mom flashing cootchies to the paparazzi.

Britney’s had a turbulent year and wants 2007 to be brilliant. As well as wanting to look after her would be adopted child, she is determined to make a music comeback with a difference,” quoted a source. The "unbold" text can be ignored.

And interestingly, Britney's would-be-child is named Wang. Hmm.

And The Oscar Goes To...

Friday, December 29, 2006
.... Mamata Banerjee. It was a tough decision, with the Indian Prime Minister and West Bengal Chief, Mr. Bhattacharjee running close behind. Its always a close decision when it comes to deciding the Indian politician with the best gimmick. Yet, Mamata Banerjee managed to slip past the others. What Banerjee had that the others didn't in their gimmick, was the way Mahatma Gandhi's non-violent methodology was misused.

A 25 day long fast, and a dramatic hospitalization was enough to guarantee Banerjee the politician with the best gimmick award for 2006. Seriously now, is it possible to stay alive without food for a month? Unless one can live off of their fat, like a camel, it isn't possible. Maybe that's what Banerjee did all these days, live off of her excess fat. And still, she looks like a pumpkin that one would crave for Halloween.

From the 'protesting-and-standing-up-for-the-poor' act, and right to the hospitalization, its the role any Indian politician would long for. I mean, what else would get you more votes that suckering the poor into believing that you actually care for their cause? After all, the farm lands in this West Bengal area is so infertile that the poor buggers shouldn't be allowed to be paid compensation, or better yet, be employed by the industry that is taking over the lands. If that happened, who would vote for you when the fools get enlightened, both monetarily and intellectually?

Apparently, she has "evidence" that the farmers' lands were taken by force. Yet, it hasn't been presented. She had been protesting for 25 days, but not a single evidence was presented. And now that she is hospitalized, I wouldn't be surprised if this drama slowly mellows down and fades away from the public memory - the public has a very short memory, like not even 64 MB - or if it takes a new twist, like most soap operas do. After all, it looks like a political theatric gone awry. What interests me more is the food that Mamata would have had secretly, during those long "bathroom breaks".

Christmas Message for Osama

Thursday, December 28, 2006
José Ramos Horta, East Timor's Prime Minister, took the spirit to a whole new level, when he wished Osama bin Laden a Merry Christmas. A Nobel Peace Prize winner he may be, but there is a fine line between "good will" and insanity.

Said the PM of East Timor, "I have no illusions that my message will achieve any change, but I thought that here I had a chance that Osama bin Laden would listen and maybe, just maybe, my message would touch his conscience." ..... And I thought Saddam had cracked the greatest joke of the year (see previous post).

Wonder what Osama has to say to that. I bet he hates Christmas, if anything, for he always seems to end up in Santa's "bad boy" list.

image courtesy richardneville.com.au

And finally, Saddam's death sentence gets the approval. Now, there's just too many people talking about the "consequences" that may arise if he is hanged. Even people who don't know much about whats going on join in on the "debate", just to get some publicity (I'm tempted to link to a few of them, but hey, I'm a nice guy who's not looking for trouble, atleast for now. I got changes to implement around this place ya know). That's just pathetic, and these publicity whores should be hanged as well.

Okay, coming back to the topic at hand. Saddam is a great humorist. Even as he is staring at death's face, he cracks a joke. The Human Rights people and the "Watchdog Group" aren't short of jokes either. And India has something funny to add to the occasion as well.

Putting all these jokers behind our back, don't you think most people are kind of going soft on the bugger? Saddam HusseinFor someone who has killed so many innocent people, does he really deserve a soft spot? It seems most of today's politicians are tiny balled idiotas, starting from the Indian Prime Minister. Politicians and Human Rights people both, pursuing their narrow, unenlightened self interest, piss me off.

While politicians need errr... things for their country from Iraq, and don't want to create the least bit of animosity, the Human Rights people want... what else? Publicity. I'm yet to see any Human Rights people fighting for any cause that might not make it past the second page of a newspaper. I can't help but imagine a hypothetical situation now. Imagine if bin Laden is caught, would the Human Rights people try to kiss his ass in the name of "Human Rights" to get some cheap publicity? You, as well as I know the answer.

** RIP = Rot In the Pits.

Warne's 700 And Quality of Cricket

Wednesday, December 27, 2006
Recently, there have been many criticisms on how the quality of cricket has gone down. That the quality of batting and bowling has dropped because of the flat pitches. And then you have a player like Shane Warne, who recently broke the 700 test wickets barrier. And Shaun Pollock had crossed the elite 400 wickets club just a few weeks before.
Shane Warne
A few years back, there were only about three or four bowlers who had 400+ wickets in tests. Today, there are 10, with five of them having surpassed 500+ wickets. Batting wise, it took Sachin Tendulkar a long time to surpass Sunil Gavaskar's record of most runs in tests, and now we have five batsmen with 10,000+ runs and two more poised to join the elite club in a couple of years.

Yes, I agree the number of matches played in a calendar year has increased significantly nowadays. But with this increase, the expectations have gone high and so has the competitive nature of the game. You no more see a bowler applauding a glorious straight drive from the batsman, as used to be the case 15 years ago. Nowadays, bowlers give a cold, mean stare if anything. They aren't short for words either, with sledging slowly becoming acceptable.

Shaun Pollock
It's the same story with one day cricket. All of a sudden, the 10,000 run mark doesn't seem unsurmountable, with 5 batsmen reaching there within a span of a short time.Rahul Dravid and Ricky Ponting are poised to reach there very soon as well. In ODI bowling, the 300 wicket club isn't a rarity anymore. With such a fast development of the shorter version of the game in such short time, one can imagine what the future of Twenty20 internationals would be like.

So, as far as I can see, cricket hasn't degraded a bit. In fact, its quite the opposite. Cricketing technique and standards have risen sharply, especially the fielding aspect. Gone are the days when fielders used to accompany the ball to the fence. Now you have fielders who dive like goalkeepers and stop the ball on a dime. The batsmen have to work really hard for the runs, and they are in fact doing that very well. Only the best of the lot last long to reach the top.

Sex Education at 19: Part II

Monday, December 25, 2006
The last time my dad tried to enlighten me about the "facts of life", it was funny. He made another attempt today, and it was even funnier! Okay, let me get to the details of what happened.

I accompanied my dad to the library today. I wanted to start reading again. It had been quite a while since I was laying off the good stuff. Now, I'm usually into action adventure books. The ones where terrorists always get their ass kicked, and where the good always prevail over evil. I know, I have a good taste . So anyway, I was checking out a Tom Clancy book on computers, and a book by Frederick Forsyth. Along comes my dad, snooping around to see what I was checking out.

He pretended to be checking out the books in the top shelf, but I knew he was spying on me as well. This went on for about two minutes. And then all of a sudden, like the coming of the Lord (you know what I'm saying?), he pops a book in my face and tells me "Try this one! This is an awesome book, I've read it myself!" I'm like woah, and move back a little so I could see the cover of the book. I was almost in splits when I saw it.

Cover page of 'Mallory'It was a book by James Hadley Chase, known for err... racy stuff in his books. The cover had a stripper chick, just like the one here (I couldn't find the exact cover image of that particular book), but only had lesser clothes. There he was, attempting to help me teach the "facts of life". I somehow managed to turn down the book, and promised to check it out the next time I was at the library, all the while trying REALLY hard not to laugh. I already get enough lessons on the "facts of life" on the internet, and on the terrorist books I read (my dad doesn't snoop on the insides of the books I read, just the titles).

On the way back home, he was telling me how stupid it was of me to turn down that book, and how a "page turner" the book was. I just couldn't control myself, I HAD to laugh my ass off. But I didn't. It was a Herculian effort, believe me. From time to time, I pretended to scratch my nose (and thereby concealing my mouth) when a smile crept up, which probably could have turned into a "LMAO!" any second. Then he talked about the other books he had read, like Sidney Sheldons'. I couldn't wait to get home!

I can go on to eternity bitching about how education, especially sex education sucks in the country. But I guess I've already done enough in the previous post on sex education. It's probably God's way of having fun, seeing older and already-enlightened kids trying to be taught... stuff by their worried parents. Seeing parents "having a talk" with an 18+ year old is indeed funny.

Merry Christmas and Ms. USA

Sunday, December 24, 2006
First of all, wish all of you (regular readers and those passing by) a Merry Christmas. Hopefully, you haven't managed to get into Santa's "bad list". And now, moving on to news with greater importance (hey, I'm just taking a page out of the media's book). I just read somewhere that Ms. USA was teenage drinker and a drug abuser, and another one, Ms. Nevada has a lesbian fantasy. The word lesbian interested me, and led me to discover the drama that followed. If you're slower than me, and don't know what this is all about, read this.

Since when did Ms. Universes/Worlds/USAs/Timbuktu/Whatever become role models anyway? For all I've seen, they make tall claims and promises about fighting for poverty and education's cause if they win, but turn out to be an everyday cheap whore. Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen and now, Miss USA... they're all the same.

The point I'm trying to make is, why hype up these chicks when they turn out to be "ordinary" sluts? Why call them a role model? All this Ms. Title shows turn out to be just a showcasing of hot chicks with nice racks. Not that I don't drool over them, but the unnecessary hype and publicity pisses me off. Isn't the media coverage a little over the top? What do you think?

Sue Your Way to the Bank

Friday, December 22, 2006
I love the United States of America for two reasons. One, even a loser like me can get hot chicks. It's pretty easy, especially if you have a weird accent. Two, you can become rich overnight. Or atleast take your best shot in becoming one. And no, its not the casino route. Its probably one of the easiest ways of making money. It's the new S word. Sue! Its also the new L word, lawsuit.

In the USA, you can sue anyone for pretty much anything! And you'll probably win, or atleast get a settlement. I've heard pretty funny lawsuits filed in the US of A, including a couple filing a lawsuit against a Hotel for bed bug bites. And for how much? $ 20 million. Ahahah! The latest attempts to the "get rich quick" routine have been made by Evil Knievel and Mariah Carey.

I bet by now, Kanye West is wishing he never made that damned "Touch The Sky" video. First, it lost the Best Video prize at the European VMA. A defeat that he didn't accept err... sportingly. If you remember, he said the video "cost a million dollars; Pamela Anderson was in it; I was jumping across canyons." Indeed. Money + Pamela + Boobs + Canyons = Genius! Okay, back to the story. It seems Evil Knievel is as impressed by his video as the VMA judges.

Knievel is suing the rapper for impersonating him in the video. A bad imitation, I might add. We all know Evil Knievel is not an ideal hero for kids, since his canyon jumping antics have more than likely caused many imprudent brats to tumble headfirst off their bikes in copycat stunts gone awry. But after witnessing Kanye's sore-loser behavior, we must admit Knievel is a better role model than "Kanyevel", because a busted head is better than a swollen one.

Moving on to Mariah. The diva thinks, after selling about a gazillion albums worldwide, that she might be confused with Marey Carey, an adult film actress and a wannabe governor. The diva is suing Mary in an attempt to prevent Mary from copyrighting her name. Another attempt at misusing the Copyright policy. So says Mary's lawyer, "My first thought was, does Mariah Carey realize what her lawyer is comparing her to and are they seriously concerned? Do they seriously think the fans are going to be confused?" The guy's got a point. If Mariah is so worried that she might be confused with a porn star, maybe she should lay off from those skimpy clothes and weird Barbie hair extensions.

I believe these two women should settle this maturely. A pay-per-view mud wrestling perhaps. Oh well, thats my imagination running wild. But after seeing lawsuits being filed for really stupid things, I feel really encouraged to move the USA and sue random people I meet. And with the money, I would get the ever out-of-reach hot chicks .

419 Eater

Thursday, December 21, 2006
Don't those Nigerian emails that ask for your bank account or credit card number annoy the hell out of you? I know it does to me. No matter how many email ID's I keep blocking, no matter how much "smart" filters I apply, those damned emails somehow slip through. It pisses me off. It obviously pisses you off too (unless you somehow manage to derive pleasure out of them). But there is a solution. A different kind of solution.

Most of us just let them piss us off, and send that damned email to the trash. And the process goes on everytime it happens. That's so old school. Here's where 419Eater comes in. "What's that?", you ask? 419Eater is a community of rookie and professional scambaiters. "Scambaiting, simply put, you enter into a dialogue with scammers, simply to waste their precious time and resources. Whilst you are doing this, you will be helping to keep the scammers away from real potential victims and screwing around with the minds of deserving thieves", says the website.

It is a good concept, wasting the time of scamsters and thereby, minimizing their scams. The idea would succeed if a large number of people participate in scambaiting. Read their FAQ's to find out more about scambaiting. It is actually fun, screwing around with scamsters. Especially the Nigerian ones. Instead of wasting your time on some worthless crap on the internet (like MySpace), you could spend a little time screwing around with scamsters and help minimize scam victims. You'd be serving a good cause to the ever growing internet community. I've joined in on the fun, have you?

Weird Email

Wednesday, December 20, 2006
I got a weird email yesterday, about linking to a certain blog. The email provided a link to the blog, which I obviously clicked. It appeared to be an anti-terrorism, anti-Arab and anti-Semitism blog. Well, actually extremist. Here's part of the email:

Hi. My name is Hot Secretary (name changed, obviously). Perhaps we have met online, but more probably you don't know me from Adam. I monitor blogs for [insert extremely stupid blog title here], and came across your post.


Obadiah - an anonymous Israeli politician - writes extremely controversial articles about Israel, the Middle East politics, and terrorism.
Shoher is equally critical of Jewish and Muslim myths, and advocates political rationalism instead of moralizing.


Please help us spread Obadiah's message, and mention the blog in one of your posts, or link to us from slimspeare.blogspot.com. I would greatly appreciate your comments.

Best Wishes,
Hot Secretary.

The contents of the blog was more in the lines of "Muslims suck!", "All muslims should be shot" and "Islam preaches terrorism ARGH!" etc. The author chose to be polite only in a few places. I did some research on the "anonymous" author, and the blog itself. Turns out they have had their blog banned several times before. But the author wouldn't quit being an asshole, and would make new ones. The author even wrote a book about his views on Jews and Muslims, but Amazon banned the reviews and lifted his book from their site. Google banned their directory listing, and their presence from AdWords.

Two things went through my mind after all this. One, I came so close to meeting/talking/chatting/emailing whatever with an Extremist asshole. Or atleast his secretary (hopefully, a hot one). Imagine an anti-Jew from Israel. Two, take a look at the bold text in the quote from the email I recieved. The secretary, or whoever came across one of my posts obviously thought I was err... extremist on the Extremists too. Maybe they thought I was anti-Muslim when I bitched about terrorists. The question I want to ask you readers is: Do I sound Extremist/anti-Islam? Hopefully not.

And about linking to that blog, only if the secretary sleeps with me. Ahahah. Actually, no. I don't support extremist views. I sent a reply. I tried to be as polite as possible, yet let them know I was waving my middle finger at them. The reply was more in the lines of "Fuck you, Hot Secretary. Though I agree about the anti-terrorism part of your blog, everything else is total bullshit. How about... [CENSORED]." But the reply was polite on the outside .

Now I'm worried they'll come after my ass for being err... indirectly impolite. I wish they remain their ignorant self and blog about stupid things. That way, it won't cause a Universal imbalance. And my ass would be safe too.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006
Ah, the little changes that I want to make on this blog, I've been testing them out for the past few days. It's coming along okay, except for some hair pulling moments now and then. I'm rolling out the changes on this blog little by little, so you might (actually, will) run across some screwed areas of the layout. Sidebar and comments, for example. If you notice any problem, please inform me. I have so little time to test the codes and roll out new changes, so any bug notices will be greatly appreciated.

Regular posting will start from tomorrow (hopefully), which means I'm almost back to bore you all to death... again.

P.S: Cap, are you able to comment now?

Pwnage at its Best

Friday, December 15, 2006
Dwarf got pwned.

I wish I were there to witness this pwnage...

And I'm making a few changes to the blog (title, some parts of the layout etc.), so y'all have to be contended with lame ass pics, like this one, for a few more days. Maybe weeks, I don't know... because changes coupled with procrastination and cricket matches equals lack of time to post. I'm too lazy to even tag this post, so I'll just do it later. Goodnight readers *yawn*.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006
"The post title is quite odd", you probably thought. It's supposed to mean "a famous, well known person in the Blogosphere". Probably a combination of the words "blogger" and "celebrity". Wicked imagination indeed. Kineda's widget will tell you what list of bloglebrity you fall under. It uses information provided by Technorati.com to calculate your "fame". So what are you waiting for? Go check under what list you fall under!

Although it says I'm a B-List bloglebrity (high authority group), it is kind of hard to believe. Though I have about 170 links to my blog, I don't consider myself "famous". I'm more like a Paris Hilton or a Nicole Ritchie - although they have a high rank in Celebsville, they're talentless and plain stupid. Not that I'm calling myself stupid and talentless, nor did I like the comparison I just made (ugh). It's just that I don't have tons of readers. Anyway, it feels good to be almost at the top of the food chain. The only way to climb up the list is to have legal links to your blog. Loads of them. So if you are interested in a link exchange, just contact me. We underrated bloggers need to help each other to climb up to the top. I'd love to be at the top, have tons of readers and comments, loads of compliments and hot chicks dying to sleep with me! Don't you? Which sane blogger wouldn't wish for those???

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How to Insult a Geek

Monday, December 11, 2006
The art of insulting is quite an err.... art. Not everyone can master it. Nor can it be taught. It takes quite a creativity to actually offend someone. Like, you insult a terrorist by calling him a camel driver, or a sand nigger. Call a Mexican gangster puto, and you'll have him point his gun (the actual weapon, AhEm...) in your face. Call an emo a emo, and you'll have them crying immediately. Actually, you can call them anything. They'll cry anyway. But, how do you insult a nerd/geek (like me), who are super intelligent and don't fall for the stereotype "faggot", "bitch" and "asshole"? This cute chick in the picture tells you how...

The greatest insult to a geek.

Ahahah! I just got pwned!

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Indian Men Unhappy

Sunday, December 10, 2006
Back in school, I used to learn in Civics classes (thats political science classes for you Americans) about the diversity in our country. Now, this article takes that "diversity" to a whole new level. "Indian men are unhappy", says the article. Well, this article made me happy, in the sense that I know I'm not alone in contending with the agony of "the sizes".

"Mr Puri said that since Indians would be embarrassed about going to a chemist to ask for smaller condoms there should be vending machines dispensing different sizes all around the country", the article says half way through. Yeah right. But what about the guy standing behind me in the queue (line/row for you Americans) watching over my shoulder?

"It's not size, it's what you do with it that matters. From our population, the evidence is Indians are doing pretty well," the article quotes Sunil Mehta, the editor of Maxim, as saying. Indeed. Maybe we did it a bit too well; our population is all set to overtake China by 2050. And now, moving onto stories of lesser significance. Saddam Hussein and Mohammed Afzal are yet to be hanged, by which we're sending wrong signals to the Extremists that we're actually terrorized by their acts. While Shibu Soren got axed from the ministry and will probably be hanged, Navjot Sidhu - a cricketer turned politician - has been found guilty of homicide.

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Blue Screen Stuff

Saturday, December 09, 2006
Okay, so its that time of the night when you are bored to death and have nothing to do. Until Super Slim (look! Up in the air... its a bird! It's a plane! No, its just a moron with a stupid blog post.) comes along and rescues you from the evil clutches of boredom. Today, Super Slim has for you a few Blue Screen of Death goodies. If you aren't yet enlightened about the Blue Screen, read my previous post. If you're still confused, go away. This post is not for you. Go drool over the picture in my last post.

The notorious Blue Screen has been the subject of many easter eggs (not related to the easter bunny). Lots of video games have easter eggs based on the Blue Screen. Startopia for example, and the famous SWAT 4.

Check out this totally hilarious Intel commercial! In fact, the Blue Screen of Death has been an inspiritation to coining new similar corny terms, like the Red Screen of Death, White Screen of Impatience, Spinning Beachball of Death, Spinning Pizza of Death etc.

The Blue Screen did not spare even Mr. Gates, as you can see from this video. Pretty embarassing. Internet Explorer has a pretty cool easter egg on the Blue Screen. Just type in "about:mozilla" in the address bar and hit go (Only IE 5.x or later). If that doesn't work, its probably because you were an idiot and typed it along with the quotes, or you have Service Pack 2. If that doesn't work, type res://mshtml.dll/about.moz in the address bar and hit go. You'll see a blue blank page. This is IE making fun of Mozilla. If you have Firefox installed, type in about:mozilla, hit go and see if you can decrypt the "biblical" message that appears.

The BSoD has attained so much "popularity" that Microsoft has it as an official screensaver! It is even the subject of bored nerds who have nothing good to blog about (like me), as can be seen here. And finally, there is a huge gallery of hilarious instances of the BSoD.

That is all I have on the BSoD... for now. Like this post or hate it, I killed atleast 10 minutes of your boredom, and therefore deserve a cookie.

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Sexy Blue Screen

Friday, December 08, 2006
The Blue Screen, Microsoft's version of Satan, the leading cause of suicide in geekdom, was much dreaded by computer nerds like me. But this blue screen, I'd love to stare at for hours .

I'd stare at this blue screen for hours.

Woo! Okay, I've got plenty of fun stuff on the Blue Screen I can write about. But I don't have the time right now. I'll do it tomorrow. Watch out for the fun post, and make sure you're bored to death, because there's going to be plenty of easter eggs and fun stuff to do. Now, I'm going to stare at that picture for some time.

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Topless Car Wash

Thursday, December 07, 2006
I would love to stumble across one, if I could. But being the pervert that I am, I think I'd take a raincheck on that one... keep reading to find out why.

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Weird Dreams

Wednesday, December 06, 2006
Lately, I've been having pretty weird and supernatural dreams. It all started with the weird ass alien-in-the-rooftop dream I had a few months ago (read it here). You would notice my writing is pretty much different from what it is now... that was a few months ago. Astonishing how ones writing style can change soon. Okay, back to the point. I've had some more of supernatural dreams, some having aliens in them. It's pretty weird... I'm starting to think these actually have some kind of message in them. Like some supernatural power is trying to communicate with me (psssh, don't laugh!).

The recent two dreams I had have been the weirdest yet. And scariest. I'll start with yesterday's dream. I was with some chick in the beach. It was after midnight, and there was no moonlight. So obviously, it was dark. And for some reason, I was seeing myself in third person. We were running from something, I don't know what something was, but we were running from it. And thats how we ended up in the beach. We decided to "hide" in the beach. This part is pretty funny, because there was nothing in the beach where we could hide. Me... in my dream. Maybe it was the darkness we decided to use to our advantage. So anyway, when we were sure that we had lost whatever that was chasing us, the chick lighted a match. She was pretty scared, and we looked around, it was high tide. The matchstick ran out, and it was dark again. She lighted another match... and horror. I had disappeared, and in my place was this scary alien dude, with big black eyes (exactly like the one in the picture, but only sideways. And he wasn't that skinny). The glow of the match reflected in its eyes, and the chick let out a scream and I jumped out of my bed, confused and scared.

I'm really not sure what this dream intended to mean. Maybe that I'm actually an alien? That would explain why I'm different from most people, and why chicks don't dig me. But no. Somehow I think there is a deeper message in that dream.

And then I had another weird dream. It was today, early morning. Me and one of my pals were driving in the countryside, and it was midnight (in the dream). We were discussing something, don't know what (probably hot women). The highway was deserted, and it was eerie out there. So we're riding right.... and riding and riding and riding and riding. Its a long ride, and even I was starting to get pissed off in the real world (somehow I was able to figure out I was dreaming!). Then all of a sudden, my friend starts to talk as if he had a gag over his mouth. It sounded real weird, and scary. Now, I was trembling and was in half a mind to jump out of the car and just run away (pretty weird how you get such silly ideas in the dream world). But I decided not to. I kept asking him what was wrong. I couldn't exactly make out what he was trying to say, but made out the words "blue" and "mountain". He was pointing towards the little mountain that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, to our right. I peered in the direction he was pointing to... and I thought I saw something. Then it was there again, a scary and eerie blue light - the size of two stars - disappearing behind the mountain. Even I started to mumble like my friend at this point. *Poof* I was awake, my heart was beating fast and I was pretty sure I was mumbling the same thing in my sleep too.

I know it might sound really hilarious to those reading this, but I'm convinced there is some deep meaning to all of this. And I still get the shivers thinking about the dreams. And its almost midnight. I wonder whats in store for tonight. Hmm.

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"Annoying" Can Be Fun

Sunday, December 03, 2006
Some time last week, I had blogged about the annoying website I came across. Today, I accidently stumbled across a spoof of that on YouTube. So I got a little curious, and searched for more... and guess what? I found some good spoof (or is it spoofs?) of BadgerBadgerBadger. I guess annoying things can be fun after all!

Badger spoof(s?) have become a kind of cult club with more and more users responding to the annoying animation. Here are some of my favorites. Hopefully, you have a lot of time at hand and are bored to death, so you can watch all of these videos.

Check out this neat little animation. Must have taken him/her a while to make this. And what more, its so "famous" that it has become a post-dinner family activity, with fathers asking their sons to act it out! These guys obviously had a lot of time at hand to act out this hilarious spoof. I don't know why this one is called a GeoBadger, but it sure close to the sillyness of the original version. "Hmm, how much more silly could it possibly get?", you're probably wondering. As silly as doing the Badger dance at the airport! Now thats hilarious! And here's a stuffed doll version.

Out of all these, two stood out. Check this little girls reaction, totally hilarious! And weird laugh too... She does quite an imitation too! And finally, the Live Action Badger is probably the best spoof of all!

If you still have a lot of time at hand and are bored to death, check out YouTube for more. More and more Badger spoof(s?) are being posted there everyday.

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Finally, Some Sanity Prevails

Friday, December 01, 2006
I'm actually surprised that some sanity prevailed in the prosecution of Shibu Soren, the politician. Its probably the first time in Indian politics that power wasn't misused in hindering the legal process. For the first time, I did not look at the front page of the newspaper and go "WTF????"

Good stuff. But one thing I can't believe. Okay, actually two. One, this idiot was still kept in power though he had a major murder case against him. How the hell did the Prime Minister trust this bugger and put him in the council of ministers, I guess its like one of those universal questions that will never be answered. And along with this story, was this piece of story. So it was kind of a double delight for me, seeing that some sanity is prevailing in the country's legal process, and powers are not being misused.

Oh, and the second thing that I could not believe... what's that you ask? Take a good look at this pic, and tell me how one cannot say that this moron is a freaking psycho??? He looks like a terrorist! Does it even require a legal process to have the slightest doubt that this moron is actually a murderer? If you think no, then maybe I'm psychic and probably read his psychopathic mind.

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