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Hello, I'm Slim. I hate being called by my real name (it's Balu, if you're interested). I'm from India. I'm a computer nerd. I love hot chicks. Can't live without them. I'm a cricket fanatic, and half-arsed "cricket lovers" piss me off. I have no life. I spend almost 10+ hours on the 'Net everyday, apart from eating, sleeping, bathroom breaks, studying a bit and other usual stuff.

I like to help people out as much as I can. I'm the "good guy", so I don't get the chicks. I'm a music freak, basically a metalhead. I don't have favorite bands, I listen to shitloads of bands (I'm more of a genre person). Hmm, what else remains? Oh yeah, I LOVE hot chicks, chicks, cute chicks, pretty chicks, beautiful chicks. And did I mention foxy chicks?


The blog:

Random /ˈrændəm/ [ran-duhm]
Proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern.

Dumb /dʌm/ [duhm]
1. Lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted.
2. Lacking some usual property, characteristic, etc.

Madness /ˈmædnɪs/ [mad-nis]
1. The state of being mad; insanity.

Random + Dumb + Madness = Randumb Madness.

I know it's self explanatory, but I nevertheless explained... for the dumb ones. Get it? Dumb ones?! Ahahahahah! I never fail to amuse myself.

This blog is all about being random, in the sense covering various - but only interesting - topics. What topics? Those that interest me . This blog mainly concentrates on celebrity bashing, humor, politics, rants, pics, videos, more rants, cricket, tech and a few personal shit thrown in now and then. The main aim of the blog is to provide fun to the reader, sometimes entertainment and very rarely, wisdom. The contents mostly contain "derogatory words", "four-letter words", "mature content".... you know, words of that sort. If you're a prude, this blog is not for you.