I've put the blog on an indefinite Hiatus (again). Sorry, I don't have enough time to blog anymore. But I will be back.... sometime. So please keep checking, and do not remove my blog from your bookmark! Later, homies!

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Category: Pics

Saturday, January 01, 2005

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The author:

Hello, I'm Slim. I hate being called by my real name (it's Balu, if you're interested). I'm from India. I'm a computer nerd. I love hot chicks. Can't live without them. I'm a cricket fanatic, and half-arsed "cricket lovers" piss me off. I have no life. I spend almost 10+ hours on the 'Net everyday, apart from eating, sleeping, bathroom breaks, studying a bit and other usual stuff.

I like to help people out as much as I can. I'm the "good guy", so I don't get the chicks. I'm a music freak, basically a metalhead. I don't have favorite bands, I listen to shitloads of bands (I'm more of a genre person). Hmm, what else remains? Oh yeah, I LOVE hot chicks, chicks, cute chicks, pretty chicks, beautiful chicks. And did I mention foxy chicks?


The blog:

Random /ˈrændəm/ [ran-duhm]
Proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern.

Dumb /dʌm/ [duhm]
1. Lacking intelligence or good judgment; stupid; dull-witted.
2. Lacking some usual property, characteristic, etc.

Madness /ˈmædnɪs/ [mad-nis]
1. The state of being mad; insanity.

Random + Dumb + Madness = Randumb Madness.

I know it's self explanatory, but I nevertheless explained... for the dumb ones. Get it? Dumb ones?! Ahahahahah! I never fail to amuse myself.

This blog is all about being random, in the sense covering various - but only interesting - topics. What topics? Those that interest me . This blog mainly concentrates on celebrity bashing, humor, politics, rants, pics, videos, more rants, cricket, tech and a few personal shit thrown in now and then. The main aim of the blog is to provide fun to the reader, sometimes entertainment and very rarely, wisdom. The contents mostly contain "derogatory words", "four-letter words", "mature content".... you know, words of that sort. If you're a prude, this blog is not for you.

Self   |   Reader Questions

Self Asked Questions :(

1. Ey, who the fuck are you?!?!
A: Yo! No swearing. And respect please, 'cause respect is everything. Well, maybe not. But anyway, I'm Slim and you can find more about me in the About page.

2. Tell me this isn't another one of those "Oh n03s!!!! Life iz a bitch, and itzz s0 cruelz to m3 *cry* *sniff* *sob*" kind of blog!!
A: It isn't. Now that was simple, wasn't it?

3. Why the hell do you blog, and 'specially why are you making this FAQ? ...As if people are going to read it...
A: I figured this is one way to show off my writing skills (?!), wit (?????) and sense of humor. About the FAQ thingy, simple... I have no life. Also, I find a lot of FAQ sections popping up in blogs where conceited authors ask questions themselves and answer them. So I thought "What the hey! Why not make a FAQ for my blog and join the bandwagon?" and here I am, asking questions and answering them myself.

A: This blog can be viewed in any browser, but its best viewed in Firefox. You may come across some bad layout bug in Internet Explorer, because it handles CSS.... umm.... "differently". If you do run across a broken layout, please e-mail me and let me know about it.

5. Are you a pervert?
A: YES! I'm a sucker for hot chicks. Not if they is unintelligent though.

6. What's your favorite band?
A: I'm not into any particular band, I'm more of a genre person. But if I have to mention some, it would be Children of Bodom, In Flames, Soilwork, Kalmah, Carcass etc. I'm into heavy shit.

7. What type of music do you hate the most?
A: Emo, punk and mallcore bands. Fall Out Boy, Avenged Sevenfold, Green Day, Atreyu, Slipknot, KoЯn, System Of A Down, American Idol artists etc.

8. Have you ever peed your pants after age 8?
A: Do wet dreams count?

10. Can you stay up a whole night without sleep?
A: Yup. I do that most of the time. I'm a part-time insomniac.

11. Hey, wait a minute! Where's number 9?
A: Huh? What number 9?

12. Have you ever done drugs?
A: Yes, crack . Actually, no.

13. Where do you live?
A: A third world shithole called India. To be more precise, I live in Chennai.

14. Describe your wallet.
A: Empty.

15. What is the last thing you downloaded on your computer?
A: Pr0n. Nah, MP3's probably. Fuck RIAA.

16. Can I ask you a question?
A: Sure! email me with your name, email and question, and if your question is sane/funny etc. I'll answer it and put it here ASAP!

User Questions (finally!):

Asker: Shuga
Email: Not shown. I care about privacy :)
Q: When will we be able to see some real porn on your blog?
A: Pretty soon, I reckon. That is if my blog keeps struggling for traffic like it has always been. Oh, by the way, I hope you're into chicks and lesbians [Wink].

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This blog contains explicit language. If you get offended by "explicitness" easily, this blog is not for you to read. I will not be held responsible for you getting a mad fit, a broken monitor, a very sticky keyboard (if you jack off to one of the random chicks on my sidebar), for getting spanked by your momma for reading "senseless crap" or the like. Commenting on posts is open, so expect a comment war, either from me or from other readers.

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If you agree to the above disclaimer, WELCOME ABOARD, Stranger!!!! Start reading my posts, dig through piles of shit in the archives and comment on the posts! On the contrary, if you don't agree to the disclaimer, click that little "x" button on the top right corner. Kthx

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