Okay, I figured this would be a nice place to whine about all the drawbacks and flaws of our (Indian) education system, because whenever I try to bring up this subject offline, people try to shut off the topic. Yea, I know it's lame. Not that I think talking about pr0n and hot chics is a waste of time. I do it all the time. I'm one of the biggest perv's you'd ever come across . But I feel it is also important to be socially aware. To know what the fuck is going on with the retarded schools, the retarded system etc. We never seem to care about how the society is doing. We tend to get selfish after we hit the 18's and 19's. We seem to care less (or not at all) about the society, no matter how fast it is rotting.

So I figured I'd post my views, wrong or right, in here and also demostrate how bad the system is. I'm only writing the truth, nothing is made up. Whatever I'm about to quote from the textbooks is "as is". Nothing has been made up. And I'm dividing this into parts, because posting about the flaws in one post would be too much . So with that, here we go...

Today, I'm gonna talk about Sanskrit, the dead language. Firstly, I wonder why they have it on the syllabus if it's "dead". Okay, you might say "it's a good way to revive the language from the dead." Ever wondered whats the inside story? In the exams, you don't have to write the answers in Sanskrit itself, you could answer in English. What kind of revival is going to happen if everyone is going to answer in English and aiming to only score. And in my school, we had a choice of Hindi or Sanskrit. I chose Hindi because I was kind of used to it, and comfortable (even though I'm not too good at it ). But I was forced to take up Sanskrit because they "didn't have enough students who took Hindi as their second language". What kind of bullshit is that?

So yea, it took me some time to get used to the dead language. They had a itty bitty textbook, with a translation book in English. The translation book was the shit... open it and you wouldn't stop laughing. So many grammatical errors and falsely constructed sentences. Here are some quotes from the translation "as is"...

"When it is said that this is a good Tamil Country, it appears as if the honey flows into the ears" <<< Geez lol.

"A person devoid of learning is a beast (brute)" <<< The person who wrote this is apparently a "beast" too, since he forgot to learn English.

"Undoubtedly he has heard repeatedly all grammars. He spoke so much without making a single grammatical slip" <<< The same can't be said about the person who wrote this, lmao.

"Neither in the face nor in the eyes, in the forehead, or in the eyebrows or in other features of his body could we detect any flaw of speech" <<< As if "he" speaks with his brows, forehead and wee wee. Shut up, for pete's sake.

"Being severely scorched by the rays of the sun and parched in the way by the hot dust, a snake with it's face turned downwards (and) moving tortuously, taking rapid breath is lying under the shadow of a peacock." <<< Apparently, the fellow is trying to describe how hot Summer time is, but screwed it up.

Here is a section of a lesson, which is a convo between a teacher and a student, where Q is the student and A is the teacher (lmao)...

"Q: Oh sir! what is fit to be accepted?
A: Teacher's words.
Q: What is to be discarded?
A: Unwanted actions.
Q: Who is a teacher?
A: He who knows the truth and strives always for the good of the pupils.
Q: What is more beneficial?
A: It is Dharma (righteousness).
Q: Who is pure here?
A: Whose mind is pure (OMG, what kind of answer is that?)
Q: Who is intelligent?
A: One who could discriminate
Q: Which is a poison?
A: Disrespect towards elders.

And the convo goes on for another 649784534434058734 stupid questions and answers.

"For a long time, there was no child born to both of them (as if a child is born seperately to both of them). Then, once they both went to the hermitage of Vasishtam their family preceptor. There the couple, caught hold of the feet of Arundathi and......" <<< LMFAO, goddamnit. And the sentence goes on with another 5645325 mistakes.

"Once upon a time, you went to heaven to greet the great Indra. Then when you were returning, on your way, Kamadhenu (the divine yielding cow) was resting under the shadow of Kalpaka tree (the divine yielding tree). You didn't bow to her. You hurriedly went back remembering your wife. By that, she (the cow, not his wife lmao), becoming angry, cursed you thus - 'Without worshipping my child, there will be no issue to you.'" << .

"At that moment, unexpectedly Nandini (the "daughter" of the cussing cow) appeared. And she oozed out urine. With that water Raghu washed both his eyes." <<< OMFG, that was one of the funniest shit I've come across in my 19 years of existence.

And the book goes on with another ten million mistakes, errors and other funny shit like this. So you all see what I mean? See how serious people are about education? This book is supposedly written by "A team of teachers" who are Professors. Bullshit man. This book is nothing but useful in the process of education. It could provide some laughs if published as a humor book. Thats all.

Well, thats it for today. More tomorrow yo. Keep checking my blog.

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