Okay, so I finally found time to bitch about math. So here we go again.

Alright, so what do we have to go through in math you ask? Well, it's nothing really. Just Calculus, Differentiation, Matrix (not the movie lmao), Inverse Matrix (I seriously don't know what it is because I didn't stick around long enough in school to find out lol), Interpolation and more of that high level, complex math. It's definitely not wrong studying about them, the thing is (again), it should be left as a choice and not forced.

Why in the world would I want to go through all that unless I want a job in NASA or if I want to be a mathematician? And the parents are too busy with their stuff (or don't really give a damn), they're totally unaware of what their child has to go through in school. So they send them to special training centers (known as tutions locally). There, people work for money, and don't give a shit about making it easier for the student. And in the first place, there is no need for the student to go through this complex math unless he/she really wants to. It's a vicious circle. You might ask, "What the heck Slim, I don't see anyone else complaining. You're just being emo." Just because people don't complain doesn't mean there is no need to revise the syllbus. I have a lot of friends who feel the same way as me, but don't want to rebel and are willing to suffer silently (I have no idea why they want to suffer).

I really wonder if the Education Minister who set the syllabus for us really knows shit about the things we go through. I mean, the only qualification you need to be a politician is you have to be atleast 35 years of age. And education is definitely not a qualification, so we have idiots running the Government. So you'd expect the Minister to fail if he takes the same examination that we do.

The system is really fucked up. Imagine a kindergarten kid doing homework. I mean what the fuck, leave the kid alone! It's not the age to do homework. It's all about playing, exploring new things, doing fun stuff etc. We do have schools where they give more importance in building the kid's creativity and imagination. But heck, it's too damn costly for the average, middle-class family. If people really get "educated" once they graduate, we wouldn't be having people bribing the authority to get things done. We wouldn't have people voting the corrupt politician even if he promises a free color TV, free food (or low cost), and a high resale value on your home if he gets elected. We wouldn't have people shitting in the woods and pissing out in the open. And with all this, we have a President who says India will be Super Power in 2020. You know what? Unless, something is done about our education system, we can never be a Super Power, even if it's the year 456946 and there are only 3 countries left on the face of the Earth and one of them is India.

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