Don't you hate it when a guest comes to your place and stays for a week? Well, I do. It's been three - yes THREE - weeks straight now, and my uncle hasn't hinted on leaving yet. And he never gave us enough notice ahead of time that he's gonna land up at our place either. Added to all this, he's probably the worst communicator you'll ever come across. He never says a word. It's deafening silence when we're eating at the table. He never says a word otherwise. It seems he only opens his mouth to swallow food. And he just invades my room and reads the newspaper all day. He comes out of his "lair" only when he is hungry or when he needs to take a sh... err... empty his bowels.

I would tell him straight in the face to leave, but it's my dad's little bro. So I've got to be "nice". Yea right. I've got to be nice when my room has been invaded for three weeks, when all my routines have been messed up. Added to that, this is the only place where I can bitch about it, which is kind of pathetic. I think I'm gonna put some bed bugs in his bed. Maybe that'll make him leave.

Moral of the story: Don't be an asshole and overstay someone's hospitality, or you're gonna get bed bugs on yo bed.