Imagine you're driving through a highway and a storm is moving in. And all of a sudden, its pouring down real heavy. You decide to drive slowly. On your way, you find three people under a shelter. One of them is your long lost friend, the second one, a chic and third, an old woman, who is apparently having a seizure. You only have room for one in your to pick up. You don't want to leave behind your friend and obviously, being a desperado (like me), you don't want to let the hot chic slip by. And of course, the old woman reminds you of your nice Grandma and you don't want to leave her behind as well. But unfortunately, only room for one in the passenger area. What would you do in this situation? Who would you pick? What's the best thing that can be done?

I know most of you would say you'd pick up the old woman because she needs immediate medical attention. You're just trying to be nice. And no, it's not the best thing that can be done.

"I'll pick up my best friend" you say? No, sorry. Not the best thing.

The woman? Well, good try but nuh uh.

I know you're like "WTF?! Driving away is the best thing to do then?" Read on to find out what a super smart person (like me) would have done.

Okay, here's what you do. You give the keys to your long lost friend, tell him to take the old woman to the nearest hospital while you get with the fine chick in the rain .