Huahahahahahah. Finally, the blogger ban has been lifted (somewhere around 8 pm last night) and we have the last laugh. All the bloggers have shown the Government that they can't fuck with us and our rights anymore. But most of them are going to forget the whole issue probably, as if it never happened. I wont. Especially since the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is headed by the notorious Dayanadhi Maran. The moron is known for controversies. I still feel there is something fishy about the blogger ban, something that would have lined his pockets with more gold. Especially the way the ban was carried out. Firstly, no one claimed responsibility for it. Secondly, no reason was given. Some say they wanted to ban certain "hate spreading" blogs but the ISP's ended up blocking the whole domain. I don't think the ISP's are that stupid. And the fact that every ISP did the same thing is too much of a coincidence. And of course, we all know Maran's famous threat to . He never does anything unless it has something to do with bling blings (like me, lmao). Too bad we'll probably never know why the ban was carried out.

But on second thought, who really cares? We've shown the morons in power that we're not to be fucked with, and that's what matters. Score one for the people. Keep it up, folks (especially those who filed RTI).

Sources: India Daily, My MySpace blog, Indian Express

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