You heard right! If you're from the oriental world, and HATE these two sluts with a burning passion, then it's good news. Alright, you might be wondering why they banned the two. Read on to find out.

Well, what could they possibly be banned for? For peeling off their clothes, of course. What else do you expect from skanks? Spears was banned in Tokyo, Japan for because the publishers of Harper's Bazaar tried to display a poster advertising the singer's nude and pregnant photo spread, like so:

Britney Spears on Bazaar cover

And the reason given for the ban? "We thought some of our customers would find it to be overly stimulating." AhEm, stimulating indeed. The real reason was probably: "We don't want to display a picture of an ugly, fat bitch, which would cause our customers to throw up in public."

Paris, on the other hand, ran into problems with the video of her first single "Stars Are Blind" being blocked in India by censors, bacause it contained some sexual content. Seriously now, who would want to watch an obnoxious, flat chested bitch, that too in a sexy music video with shitty music? I haven't watched the video, to be honest. But thats besides the point. This is probably the first time the country's Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has done something right. They even rejected a "toned down" version of the video, which proves my point. Censorship -- banning hot chics who are eye candy, hot scenes being banned in movies -- is a different issue altogether. And I'll be blogging about that probably at a later time. This is a case of banning eyesore material. What I'd like to see next is their shitty music getting banned too (I can dream, can't I?).

UPDATE: Tokyo has reluctantly accepted Britney's nude poster and has reversed the "ban" (Aug 26, 2006)

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