That's one of the "boringest" things one has to do. Ever. I just checked my page layout from Internet Explorer... and wow, I noticed the fucked up sidebar (which resides very close to the content, instead of the far right where it's meant to reside). I've been trying to fix it for almost one and a half hours, but Internet Explorer simply won't show it the way it's meant to be shown. ARGH! And amidst this, I accidently deleted an awesome video from my iPod (no, not pr0n... thankfully). It couldn't get any worse, huh? Maybe the US soldiers invading my room and taking away my beloved PC away from me, but that's very unlikely. Thank God.

Alright, I'm going back to figuring out what the fuck is wrong with the template code. Also, watch out for some subtle layout changes here and there. I'm making a few minor changes soon. I'm getting enthusiastic about this whole blogging thing all of a sudden.


Fixed the IE bug (Almost. The white space to the right of the sidebar won't go away in IE though, but it's not interfering with the content area anymore).

I'm back from a tiring 4 days of "fun" and will start blogging soon.

Added a "version bar" that shows up on Firefox at the bottom.

Added FAQ's because I was bored and had nothing else to do.

Made a new group blog with one of my close pals and will link to it as soon as the template coding is finished and there are a few posts.

And oh, I've gotten over the losing of Avril's video ;)

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