This blog is turning out to be a Paris Hilton bash-a-thon, it seems. But its not, its just that Paris is being a limelight hog and wont quit being dumb. Not even for a little while. It's all good though, because it gives me something to blog about. So what is it this time, you ask? Read on and find out.

The actress and "budding pop star" has insisted recently that she refused her millionaire parents' financial help after she first left home, because she was determined to prove she could make it on her own. So sayeth the anorexic heiress, "When I moved to Los Angeles, I swear on my life I didn't have anything and was living in a crappy apartment for models. I told my mum I didn't want any money." Despite her privileged upbringing, Paris - whose parents, Kathy and Rick, own the Hilton hotel chain - insists her success and wealth are down to her own hard work. She added: "I've done it all on my own. My cars, my house, I bought for myself."

AhEm... I'm not going to comment on this one... the truth is out there. But I'd like to see your views. So go on, feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

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