Yet another controversy from the cricket world. This time it's the former Aussie cricketer turned commentator Dean Jones in the limelight. The Reason: He called a South African cricketer (Hashim Amla) a "terrorist" jokingly because he was a muslim and had a beard (read about it here).

Now, I think they're making a big deal out of this. He has been fired from the Ten Sports commentary team. That's going a bit too far, I think. For one, no one would be that dumb to quote racist remarks on live television. Two, the way it was said does not look like it was a racist remark. South Africa are still trying to get used to a post-apartheid environ and small jocular remarks like Jones' piss them off easily. I would understand if Jones or anyone else had called him a "Varknaaier" (to find out what that means, do some "research") or something similar. This incident has been given unnecessary publicity.

Even his commentator friends from the Ten Sports team wanted him fired. Now don't you think that's a bit hypocritic? They have fun together, do commentary together, and most definitely share personal views on various stuff (no matter how racist they are) off the air, but when he says something jocularly and people publicize it unnecessarily, everyone points a finger at him and wants him fired. Oh that's so grown up (Hello! Sarcasm, if you missed it).

Same thing with the word "nigger". It's okay if black people use it to address each other, but no matter how friendly a white person tries to sound by using the same "N word", everyone cries "RACIST!!!!!!!!!". Seriously, some people need to grow the fuck up. Evolve!

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