Something really funny happened tonight. My dad and I were having dinner, talking about Tamil (our local language) movies and how much it sucked these days. We were discussing the various aspects of how they sucked, which brought up the matter of lack of realism in todays Tamil movies... how the actors these days sucked at emoting, acting, doing comedy etc. And suddenly my dad blurted out, "The only realism in Tamil movies these days is SEX!" almost screaming out the "sex" part of the sentence. I almost jumped out of my chair, and the neighbors probably heard it too and were like "WTF?!". Well, okay that was an exaggeration. But he did shout out the particular word. Then he went on to talk about the subject.... blah blah... Yeh, sex education at 19!!!! I wanted to tell Pops that I already knew enough (thanks to all those lovely videos), enough to judge what was right and what wasn't. But I didn't want to spoil his enthusiasm, and had a hard time controlling my laughter!

Yea, you probably see where I'm coming to. Maybe not. But anyway, Indian parents... they never bother to give proper sex education to their children. And some - like my dad - try to talk about it when their children have already gone through all the pr0n, seen a dozen pr0n videos, and scout the TV channels late at night for something hot... only because they feel guilty for not educating us earlier, maybe because of lack of time or lack of knowledge of how to go about it. No wonder you see a lot of moronic people in Indian chatrooms. When they come to discover something called "sex", and that it's something other than that holds the meaning "gender", they go nuts. No wonder there are so many so called "eve teasers". So many feminists who call a innocent guy - who just learnt what boobs and pussy are, and stare at the girls in an awkward way because it is all new to him - an "eve teaser". (You are probably wondering why I put the word eve teaser in commas. You'll see pretty soon, as I'm working on a blog post about "eve teasing" in the country.)

So anyway, what I'm trying to say is... Indian parents need to give proper education about sex. Imagine a boy asking his mom about sex, and she asks "ey, why do you wanna know?" and he goes "Because I'm 25!". White people tell their kids everything about sex. They're like "Sit down Billy" and they have a screen, a slideshow... and the kid is sitting there, taking notes and shit. Indians, we know nothing man! And one wonders how we are ranked as the second most populated country in the world. So all you would be Indian parents, don't make the same mistake and continue the "tradition".

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