Yeh, it's about time I did that. First, I have one of the shittiest cell phone one could possibly EVER have. And now with the battery fucking up, it couldn't get any worse. I can't make a fucking call, much less recieve it. I bet even a bum on the street has a much better cell phone than mine. Oh yeah, I'm a bum too, but I'm not on the streets (thankfully). Actually, I wish I were, so I'd have a better mobile phone. But what pisses me off the most is I don't have the money to buy a new one and my dad..... you know where I'm coming to, so I'm not even gonna say it.

Second, one of my best friend is really going through a rough patch. I can't stand the sight of her whining and bitching about life and its problems. She used to be the cheery type, the one you could fall to when you need to bitch about something. Shit seems to happen to the good people. Always. I wish she gets her problems fixed soon.

Third, my shitty sleep cycle is back to haunt me. I slept at 2 pm today, woke up at 5 pm and I'm sure I'm going to hibernate tomorrow. And that sucks. And lastly, I've been trying to put in some time for my guitar lessons, but no! I never have the time. I'm busy hibernating, you see. Fuck! This mild bipolar disorder is getting out of hand I think...

Okay well, I'm just bored and didn't know what else to write. But I sure do hope things will fall into place for all the good people. I've learnt to adjust and live life. But that's not the answer, since the good people suffer and the bad ones get away with it. Maybe I can publish an e-Book and sell it for **ONLY** $ 200. Yea, that way, I could get the new cell phone I wanted and I could also get all the other neat stuff I've been wanting for some time now. There's a fool born every minute, you see. But they're lucky I don't cheat. So ye- huh? What's that you say? It's getting too boring? Oh okay, I'll stop. It's a surprise your wandering eyes even came all the way down to this point, considering this is one of those bitchy posts about life. On the brighter side though, my bro is here from Australia for a week's holiday. It's time I went out with him and burned a hole in his pocket .

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