I was bored to death today and was doing some random google searches until I came across this:

WOW! It's supposed to be the worlds biggest hole. Situated in Eastern Siberia (Russia) near the town of Mirny, it's actually a diamond mine. It's 525 meters deep, and 1.25 kilometers in diameter. Now seriously, that's big!

Here are more pics, and their descriptions under them:

This monster truck like thing is called a "loader". It measures 13.36 meters in length, 7.78 meters in breadth and 6.65 meters in height. The next picture is interesting...

Take a look at the little red arrow on the right of this picture. That's the monstrosity you just saw in the picture above!

The suction above the hole caused several helicopters flying above it to crash. So all flights above this giant hole is prohibited.

An aerial view of the gigantic hole

A satellite view of the big hole

Woo! That was something! Its times like these that boredom can be fun.

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