It's a known fact that four out of five flicks cause nausea, vomitting and headache. But there are movies that can cause severe iwanttokickthedirectorsballsgitis. Here are some of the WORST movies I've ever seen (in no specific order), and could probably make it to an all-time list of worst flicks.

Dude, Where's My Car?: A movie with silly humor and a really boring plot. This movie has stereotype humor. But then again, I have no morals and will laugh at anything. I'm used to silly teen humor, but this one is just.... too silly for me to accept it. I saw this movie when I was 14 something, liked it... saw it again a few days ago, and I'd rather not say what happened then. So one can safely conclude this movie is for teeny boppers.

The Medallion: Another stereotypical Jackie Chan movie, where he plays a cop from Hong Kong. He goes to way too much trouble to protect a broze medallion. This one is only for Claire Forlani fans who'd pay to watch her drink a cup of coffee.

2 Fast 2 Furious: WTF. Is this even a movie? Souped up cars racing one another in the beginning, I had a feeling the director was a Need For Speed fan. It has way too much emphasis on the cars than on the actual plot, I feel. The only good part of this movie is Eva Mendes' boobs.

Phantoms: Ben Affleck stars in another bomber of a movie. This is supposedly a horror movie, but even a 5 year old would guess what's going to happen next in the storyline. The two chicks, Rose McGowan and Joanna Going arrive at the conclusion as to why the town they arrive at is deserted, and thus diffusing all mystery and tension. The "creature" just pops out of nowhere in the middle of the movie. This movie looks like some bad adaptation of a sci-fi/horror novel.

Exorcist: The Beginning: An excuse for a horror movie. All it has are cheap thrills,like sudden sound, gore, shock etc. It is nothing compared to its predecessor. This movie is as scary as Paris Hilton without makeup... a few shocks, but you knew it was coming.

Face/Off: Probably one of the worst action flicks in history. We're actually supposed to believe Nicholas Cage and John Travolta change their faces through a complicated surgery so as to look like one another. I wonder how the Hong Kong cheapie, John Woo managed to fool Hollywood into taking this movie seriously.

Godzilla: Perhaps a Jurassic Park influenced movie. The director should have known that even 5 year olds are not interested in plastic lizards that breathe fire anymore. But nonetheless he went on to make this crappy movie. The funniest part is where they actually hint on a "part two" of Godzilla at the end.

New York Minute: I don't even know how I ended up watching this movie. Maybe because it starred Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. But this movie isn't worth seeing, even for these lovely (now anorexic) chicks. As I had to keep my eyes open with toothpicks, I can only remember this movie was mind-numbingly boring.

Hercules in New York: What do you get when you ask Arnold Schwarzenegger to act in a comedy flick? That's right, an unmitigated disaster. A chariot race down Broadway, A fight with a hilariously fake bear in the park, in which his screaming girlfriend looks at the camera very blatantly; A weightlifting competition with a "Monstro the Magnificent"... all to the sound of silly Greek wedding music... probably the goofiest movie ever made in the 70's.

House Of The Dead: Supposed to be a horror movie, turned out to be a comedy of errors. There are so many goof-ups in the movie, this movie makes 'Exorcist: The Beginning' look pretty good. There are so many goof-ups, its not possible to list them all here. Click here to see all the hilarious goofs this film and its crew made. This flick is worth watching for its goof-ups alone, nothing else.

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