What the fuck happened to the "stepped-up" security in the state? Almost 10 bomb blasts (Bombay + Malegaon) in a period of two months. 38 people have died so far and 100's injured (in Malegaon). This time, the terrorist morons targeted a Muslim temple, believing they would think the Hindus did it, and eventually leading to Hindu-Muslim riots (thats what they want ultimately, isn't it?). Oh no you fucktards, we aren't THAT stupid.

But that's besides the point. What is the security team doing? Everytime there is a bomb blast, the Government says the stereotypical "It was a cowardly act". And they deploy a security team and an "Anti-Terrorist team" to investigate the blasts. During this time, every other state in the country steps up the security, and innocent people are bugged to open their luggages in airports, train stations and even shopping malls. It's fodder for the media, which hypes up the whole story. People start talking about it as if they were actually present at the site of the blast. It goes on for about a week or two at the maximum. Then, everyone gets too involved in their own worlds that it would appear as if the bomb blasts never even happened.

All this while, the terrorists enjoy the whole drama... from the Government's reaction to the people's idoicy. After a few months, when the people concerned with security start to take it easy and relax, its time for another blast. It's a vicious circle. People need to grow up, become socially concious and the Government, mature to put an immediate end to this madness. BUT... I don't see that happening soon, so we can expect the same old story happening for a few more years (I don't mean to be pessimistic, but thats the ugly truth).

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