Today's newspaper headline screamed those exact words. For a change, this news of death made me go . "Ah, the towelhead is finally dead!", I thought. Reading on, I came to know this was not the first time his death was reported. I became a little sceptic then about the news. Then it went on to report that this news was leaked from the French intelligence. The French, bah. Now I had a real reason to be sceptic about the whole thing. He's probably hiding in Pakistan, in President Perverse... err... I mean Pervez Musharraf's basement with his four tootsie (read: whore) wives.

Tomorrow, we'll probably see Bin Laden releasing a video tape dismissing the French intelligence reports and mocking them (who doesn't mock the French?). He'd probably go, "I almost did die... My terrorist friends threw me a party, and I got drunk as fuck... and almost had my 119th child with this hot Arabian chick!".

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