You heard it right, folks. A years supply of tiger poo went on auction on eBay. And wouldn't you know, someone actually bought it. For £ 241. Now before you conclude the world has gone nuts (like I did, and well, it is nuts but that is a different story altogether), tiger poo actually keeps domestic moggies (whatever that is?) and foxes away from your garden, when "strategically placed". That's what the auction description says. I never knew foxes prowled domestic gardens though. Hmm.

The Chessington World of Adventures auctioned a years supply of dungs of Sumatran tigers Batu (the big fella in picture) and Ratna. They even described the poop as "the new 'black gold’ in the gardening world".

I wonder if human pee has a market. There's gotta be! Just think of all those random drug tests. eBay, here I come!

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