Microsoft Zune
So Microsoft is launching an iPod + iTunes knock off, with a couple of exceptions before Christmas. This knock off is called Zune, which comes with a Zune media player (which works like iTunes, complete with a music library, playlists and online music and video purchasing). First of the two exceptions, the Zune wireless technology allows users to share songs, photos and playlists between devices. A user can listen to any song they recieve upto three times in three days. They must purchase it after that if they want to continue listening. Another exception, the Zune devices will come preloaded with content from some major record labels (which mostly produce sucky music) such as EMI, TS, Sub Pop Records, Virgin Records etc.

It is probably not correct to call it a "knock off", because it will probably be pricey like Windows Vista. Looks like Billy doesn't want to stop even after crossing the $ 50 Billion mark. In other tech news, PC World released a list of "The 25 worst Web Sites" list containing scam sites to dot-com's that are just plain stupid. Some of the sites on that list would make you raise an eyebrow, though. Check it out here.

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