In a new move, Microsoft has decided to incorporate a new feature in the yet to be released Windows Vista, which would stop running Open Source or any other non-Microsoft product. If the user(s) want(s) to run them, Vista would cost an additional $ 95. "This new decision has been taken to keep the competition out of the way," said Billy Gates. "It would also help me cover my recent deficits" he added.

When asked what Microsoft would do if people started moving towards alternative Operating Systems, the Chairman replied, "Heh. Our cool new interface would keep the suckers glued to our product. We're roping in a famous model-actress to promote Vista."

With the already seperated features such as Windows Aero, Integrated Search, Sidebar, Windows Mail, Windows Calendar, Photo Gallery, DVD maker, Media Player 11, Media centre features and loads of hoardes of other features, the Windows Vista Ultimate Edition would cost around $ 500. Looks like Billy will cross the $ 100 billion mark very soon.

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