This one just in. Great news for Hilton haters. The heiress has been arrested in Hollywood for drunk driving. I think she was sad after being denied access to the bungalow 8 party, and got drunk. Anyway, the police pulled her Mercedes McLaren SLR over for an intoxication test, which she failed. Of all the good things the cops have done, this has to be one of the best. Atleast, thats what the Hilton haters would say . Oh well, its nothing the heiress can't afford for a fine.


Paris' spokeswoman has said that the police detected the minimum blood-alcohol level (0.08% in California) to warrant the arrest.

Paris' spokeswoman gives an excuse saying, "it probably the result of an empty stomach and working all day and being fatigued". (Yeah right)

Hilton would be unlikely to face jail time if she is convicted of a first offense.

The mandatory minumum punishment is 36 to 60 months of probation and $ 390 fine which could shoot upto $ 1,300 with penalties.

The heiress would be ordered to enter an alocohol education program. If she refused, she would have to spend 24-48 hours in jail and her car impounded for a month.

The spokesman of the attorney office, Nick Velasquez said. "The city attorney's office will handle this case in the same manner it will handle any case". Which means the 25 year old lazy bum of a "heiress" cannot get out of this using her wealth.

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