(Special thanks to Lizze for informing me about this funny news :D)

A British Graffiti artist named Banksy has messed with 500 copies of Paris Hilton's debut album, replacing it with his own versions of remixes. He has given them titles such as "What Am I For?", "What Have I Done?" and "Why Am I Famous?"

He has also doctored the cover sleeve to show the heiress topless with a dog's face. "He switched the CDs in store, so he took the old ones out and put his version in," said Jo Brooks, a spokeswoman for Banksy. This British based artist is also famous for sneaking his own paintings into walls of world famous museums such as London's Tate Britain and New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Banksy's version of Paris ended up in stores such as 48 HMV, Virgin Megastore and indie record stores across Britain. Danger Mouse (Gnarles Barkley, Gorillaz) is said to have done all the remixes. "No customers have complained or returned the doctored versions," said a spokesman for HMV. In other news, Italian defender, Marco Materazzi has admitted to have insulted Zidane's sister. And I've named my pee pee Rubber Johnny, after the scary short movie I saw yesterday. Say hello to the hot chicks, RJ.

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