This one Australian born feminist, Germaine Greer (author of 'Female Eunuch') said that she hoped the death of Aussie "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin would mark the end of "exploitative nature documentaries". In short, she is trying to say Steve was a disgrace and harassed animals. The dumbass wouldn't stop there. She also said that anyone who mourns Steve's death is an idiot. WHAT THE FUCK, CHUCK?!?! People like this should be locked away in a mental asylum.

The real disgrace here is not Steve, but this moron feminist. She is using someone's death to gain cheap publicity. No one cares what her personal opinions of someone are, but shouldn't she be having some fucking respect for his passing and his family? No, instead she spews some dumbass comment to get publicity. “The animal world has finally taken its revenge on Irwin, ... millionaire, animal-loving zoo-owner in their turn” she said.


I hope a crocodile swallows this bitch in revenge for her stupid comments on Steve.

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