It was a bit unusual though, during the qualifiers, there wasn't much of bullshit other than two relatively stronger teams having to play against minnows, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh, to qualify for the main round. So, Shoaib Akthar and Mohammed Asif of Pakistan fail the dope test and are sent back home. Pakistan are always known for unfair play, though Shoaib Akthar claims he is innocent. Yeah right. Him using drugs in all other matches he has played so far is debatable, because of his consistent 150+ kmph bowling.

Though I said West Indies needing to qualify against minnows was bullshit, it is also justifiable to an extent, with their roller coaster form. One day they're wiped out for 80, the next they'd go on to beat a world class team. Such is the inconsistency this team has fallen into, and that adds a bit of an excitement to this contest, in my opinion.

And the pitches aren't the usual flat batsman's paradise that you'd usually find in India. Finally, some respite for the bowlers, who have always come under fire for "not bowling well" on flat tracks. This would test the real skills of a batsman, especially the overrated Virender Sehwag, Kevin Pietersen and other big hitters. The spectator turn out seems to be good too, compared to the previous events.

What sucks though is the pre-match show, hosted by a dumb bitch who is only good enough to show cleavage and not talk cricket. All the "movie stars" are cashing in on this big event as a forum to promote themselves and their dumbass movies during the pre-match show. The cricket experts are hardly given a chance to talk, with the dumb bitch and the homosexual looking co-host ramble on for eternity about unrelated stuff to the match in question.

That pretty much covers everything, for now. Australia seem the favorites, with a never-say-die attitude that they've always had. But again, their record in India isn't the greatest. So it won't be a walk in the park for them. Pakistan, West Indies and England can be probably ruled out because of their recent poor form and lack of match winners. South Africa and New Zealand would fancy their chances, while the latter beat the former comprehensively, defending a less than moderate total of 191. Sri Lanka have been in tremendous form for the past two months, though one can argue they have beaten lesser teams and a watered down English side. And finally, the big one. India (ooh ahh India!). I wouldn't say they're hot favorites. They have a fair chance, because the points between the number two side South Africa and number six Sri Lanka, is very marginal. Any side ranked number two to six can beat another any day. But what I'd like to see is less commercialization of the sport in the country. Every inconsiderate moron in the country seems to be "true cricket fan", with their "Ooh ah India!..." chant. Besides this bullshit and the pre-match show, this cricketing event seems to be better than the previous versions.

P.S: Comment to let me know about your views, and your pick on who'd win this cricketing event.

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