Finally the wait is over. And I finally got the time to download the much awaited version of the browser. Looks neat. The only change I was able to notice immediately were the icons and a "close" button in every tab. The "go" button and the search area have had a makeover too. I have heard criticisms on Firefox 2.0's GUI, but it seems alright to me. It's actually better than the previous versions, in my opinion. The default theme is by far the best of all the Firefox versions.

I'm glad that the in-page search finally returns matches found in forms and text areas (or text boxes). Well, its about time! This was one area where Internet Explorer was owned Firefox. It was a big headache for me previously, when I had to find word(s) in the typing area of Blogger, to edit sentences. Finally, I can find the words easily.

In built spell checker! That is a great feature, though I don't make typos :P. In fact, I came to realize I'm a good and relatively fast typer when spell check didn't return me a lot of errors :D. Added to this, it also has identity theft protection. Plus an enhanced Web Feed support. If users don't want to save a live bookmark to their bookmarks folder, they can instead choose to save it to online services, such as Bloglines, My Yahoo!, or Google Reader, or with any desktop application.

The only thing that probably bothers Firefox addicts (like me) is the way tabbed browsing works. A close button has now been added to every tab, instead of just one on the top right. Also, it seems Firefox uses lesser memory now. Atleast that is how it appeared to me. The default theme did guzzle up a bit more memory than the one in the previous version, but the Mostly Crystal theme took a lot less memory than it did in the previous version. Overall, Firefox 2.0 owns every other browser out there!

Firefox 2

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