Its been a long 5 years since the terrorist attack on the Indian Parliament. And they finally nab one of the bastards. Just one. And guess what? He happens to be a muslim. "Not surprising, 'cause 96.257% of terrorists in the world happen to be Muslims", a researcher, who doesn't want to be identified for fear of getting attacked, tells me (pssst, the researcher is my alter ego. Don't tell anyone, aight?). But what would be surprising is if the Government (yes, the lame Indian Government) accepts the "plea" from him and his towel headed family. What plea? A plea to reconsider his death sentence, what else? I was like "WHAT THE FUCK, CHUCK?!?!" when I caught up on the news online today. Also, I learnt some fucking politician is backing the plea.

"He still does not want to move a mercy petition seeking clemency. He said he has lost faith in the system." said the terrorists' wife (don't know if she's his third or fourth or even seventeenth though). "Lost faith in the system"... LOL! The ways these towelheads try to get out of the frying pan. The fire even. What I can't digest is the fact that the moronic Human Rights Organizations are supporting his cause.

Fuck it. Fuck terrorists, fuck politicians, fuck the Government, fuck the HRO and fuck you . Its ME who has lost faith in the so called "System".

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