Nu-Metal. Fashion shows. Body suspension. The chicken dance. Dropping the soap in the shower. Throughout history, the most idiotic of humans have invented dumbass activities to entertain themselves. But this one has to be the most moronic of them all. Ghostriding, the new ghetto white-boy craze.

This activity, made popular by the suburban chavs who smoke too much pot, consists of getting OUT of a car while its moving, and posing on the hood, surfing on the roof and sitting on the trunk, usually while one of their idiot "homies" tapes it in a camera. Sometimes they dance alongside the car while its rolling. I hope they get their foot run over.

Here are a couple of videos of morons ghostriding:

Video #1

This guy was riding way too fast to be attempting this. I was hoping the truck would run him over after he jumped off.

Video #2

I hope this video was real. I'd love to see a video of him calling the insurance company.

Unemployed + Too much crack = Ghostriding. A friendly advice: Don't try this at home, folks.

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