What do all Rockstar produced games have in common, other than sex and violence? You guessed it, controversy. Early this week, Rockstar games released a game, Bully, and controversy has arised even before it has hit the United States. Some moron lawyer (Jack Thompson) from Florida filed a case, wanting the game to be banned. The funny this is, he hasn't even played a bit of the game, but claims that it could lead to student violence. Uh huh. Sounds like an out-of-job lawyer, looking to earn some easy money by suing people. The bastard.

"The premise of Bully is that it is sometimes acceptable to deal with bullying by becoming the ultimate bully," Thompson wrote in his complaint. "This was the dynamic at Columbine. It has been the dynamic in other tragic instances of school violence."

However, sanity prevailed and the judge gave Jack Thompson the middle finger. After he watched someone play it, Florida Judge Ronald Friedman concluded: "There's a lot of violence. A whole lot. (But) less than we see on television every night." Tough luck, Jack Thompson. You gotta wait till Rockstar releases the next game in the Grand Theft Auto series to try your luck again.

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