Warning: This is a personal post, so if you're not into reading others personal stuff, don't continue.

It's not often you come across a personal post in my blog. But this event, I had to post. It was a typical boring day yesterday, I was sitting at my computer, browsing and listening to music. It was a while since I went online on Yahoo! so I decided to go online and hoped to run into my pals. One of my best buddies was online, and we chatted for a while. The convo changed to the usual "who have you got the hots for" and the like. I told her one of her friend was hot. She is my friend too. More like an aquaintance. Anyway, my buddy already knew I had the hots for her friend, but I told her again anyway.

Then the convo took many twists and turns, blah blah blah and then suddenly, out of nowhere, my buddy went "I'm persuading <hot chick> to call you!" I was like "OMGWTF?!" on the inside, but I told her my phone was downstairs, charging. It was the truth, in fact. She told me to go get it, and that she had to go offline. You should have seen my face then. I had the "Oh no! A hot chick is going to call me, what am I going to say?" look on my face. I'm not much of a conversationalist. I only talk when necessary. So it was only natural I had that look on my face. I switched off my computer, went downstairs because I was sleepy. It was only 7:45 pm. I hadn't slept the day before, and the day before that, I had to go out to the city with my dad. Long story. So I dozed off in a few seconds, had a weird dream and woke up 40 minutes later. My phone was flashing, so I checked it. It had two missed calls, from an unknown number. I was almost sure it was <hot chick>. I don't get a lot of calls, so its not too difficult to guess. And this is where the adventure (or misadventure) started.

I decided to call back the number, but I couldn't get my thumb to press the "call" button. I was really worried that I might run out of things to talk after the "how are you" and "whats up?" exchanges. Strange things were going through my head. I heard some voices in my head. I was trying hard to think of topics to talk about, but in vain. My heart started beating fast, and by this time, my testicles had gone so far up my stomach, they had become ovaries. I wanted to call her back badly, because I didn't want to look like an asshole who doesn't return calls. My thumb was still being adamant about not pressing the "call" button. So I used my index finger instead. Suddenly I felt a surge of confidence, and all the voices in my head disappeared. *beeeep.....* *beeeep.....* The phone was engaged. I took a deep sigh and tried again after two minutes. I decided not to try anymore if it was engaged again. *Tring Tring* *Tring Tring*!

All the recently gained confidence went *pop* and the voices in my head were back. "Holy crap! What do I do now???" I thought. A chick answered. By this time, I knew it was her, but I tried not to sound excited. I went "Uhh, yeah... I got a couple of missed calls from this number. Err... May I know who I'm talking to?". She went, "Slim?" and I'm like "Yeah, and who's this?". I already knew the answer, but I asked anyway. She replied, "It's me, <hot chick>!" and I go "Oh hey! <hot chick>! How are ya? How'd ya get my number?" blah blah blah. Notice the accent I used to sound cool. The call didn't last too long though. Exactly after 1 minute and 34 seconds, she was like "Okay, uhh... I gotta studdy now so..." and I automatically went "Ah awright, I'll talk to ya later. Bye!" *click*

The whole night I was wondering what I did wrong. Was I too formal? Was I too shy and didn't talk well? I was breaking my head, and the voices in my head called me a wimp. I was feeling down, but I tried not to think too much about it, but in vain. Almost 24 hours after the "adventure", my best buddy texts me and asks how it went with her friend. I didn't want to say the whole thing over a text message, so I said I had a lot to talk about it and asked her to go online on Yahoo! She replied she can't make it online because she had stuff to do, and I was amazed by the next sentence of the text message. It said "<hot chick> told me she got a little nervous". Nervous! And to think I thought I was the nervous person! You don't know how much happy this little sentence made me. Ah, life is weird and humorous in every way possible.

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