Politicians piss me off! Especially when they're upto something with a political gimmick. When it comes to political gimmicks, Indian politicians rank at the top. Take a look at what this politician is upto...

This picture pissed me off. Another political gimmick. This time, its Sharad Pawar, the agriculture minister, using Craig Barrett, the Intel chairman.

What the fuck is he doing gifting a laptops to rural people? What are they going to to with it? They don't even have stable power supply in the first place! Are they going to provide any special education for them, to use the laptops?

Before you write me off as a jealous prick, let me drill a little sense into your ignorant head (I can only hope your head isn't empty). Most people in the rural area don't even have proper education, let alone three square meals a day. If Craig wanted to play Philanthropist, he would have looked to provide these basic things first. The laptops, if they had been gifted to people who would actually make use of it, the political gimmick along with his marketing gimmick for WiMAX wireless, would have been overlooked. This is just one of those moves to make the rural people kiss Pawar's ass, because they've been pissed at him so far for doing very little in the Agricultural sector. What pissed me off even more is that the Intel chairman, even though would have seen through this gimmick, actually went ahead gifting precious and costly laptops to people who know nothing about it. ARGH! I need one of those laptops!

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