Jolie and Pitt are in the country, but guess who is grabbing all the attention? Their bodyguards. First, it was a British photographer who was at the receiving end. Now, its muslim students of a school in South Mumbai and their parents. Click here to read all about it. It's proof bodyguards are all brawns and no brains. Talking shit about people in their territory, bad idea. I mean, it's like going to Afghanistan and calling the Taliban "towelheads!". Ain't no way you're coming back without just one leg, one and a half hands and half a head.

Perhaps the attention-whore nature of their bodyguards led Brangelina decide to torture anoth... I mean adopt an Indian kid. Celebrities always want to be in the news, don't they? So, they decide its time to add another one into the already existing line up of adopted foreign kids, one from Ethiopia and one from Cambodia. And guess what? They've already decided the name of their would be adopted kid, even before they've seen the child. They're going to call the new comer "India", after its country of origin. Wow. How original.

Celebrities think these children are some kind of souvenirs or something. It's like: Go film a movie in a foreign land, get publicity, get a living souvenir in the name of (a high profile) adoption. Go to another foreign land, repeat process. When are these self righteous celebrities going to realize inter-racial adoptions are a sensitive thing (Psst Madonna, this goes double for you)? Will these children survive the sudden change in enviroment? Why are celebrities attention whores? Where's the Lithium? Argh!

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