Thanks to Caps' research, I came to know about Sweetney, Amalah, Violent Acres and all the emotional crap involved with them. After doing some more research on "mommy blogs" (Yes, I did it without Caps' or anyone else's help), I saw most of these mommies post pictures of their little ones. You know, the so called "cute" pictures... the "cuteness" you'll understand only if you're a mommy yourself. Another thing I noticed is, these mommies usually have a domain of their own, and run ads to make a few quick bucks. Hey, I'm not the jealous type. I don't mind anyone spinning money off of their blog. But in this case, the content happens to be their precious, little blue (or black or brown) eyed angels. Which translates to the mommies being responsible for the content, as they are using their kids to entertain the internet "masses". And masses translate to different kinds of people - stupid ones, morons (like me), intelligent ones, pedophiles and, physically and emotionally abused orphans like the owner of "Violent Acres", whoever he/she might be.

Mind you, I'm NOT supporting the half baked psycho here. Although I think what the crazy bitch (probably from Houston, Texas) did with the kids' photos were moronic, the concerned mommy is also at fault, to an extent. Don't you think converting your children into a traffic bait in the hopes that it will make some money sounds creepy? Indeed it does.

Before you click "comment" and try to bash me, let me tell you that I'm not totally against people blogging about their kids. But if you are pimping out your kids' cuteness for a few quick bucks, it is a little unpalatable. If you really do want to do that, you'd be better off giving the URL to people you know, trust and care. All I want to say is, kids aren't commercial content. But if you are going to publicly display personal photos, chances are you WILL be attacked by an emotionally abused bastard, not necessarily from Houston, Texas.

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