I finally got time to update my Winamp. The new version has some cool new features. There's a better iPod support, and then there's this dashboard area in the Media Library which contains an overview of most items in the Library, like most played tracks, SHOUTcast and some Winamp services.

But what stood out was Winamp Remote. This neat feature lets you listen to the music in your Winamp library from anywhere! Thats right, anywhere! All you need is to download this little program and install it. Whenever you want to access your music library from a web browser, you just have to have this program open, and your account signed in. When you want to access your music, just sign into Orb and... start listening! It's still in beta, but it works like a charm already!

Just imagine, you're on a long vacation, and forgot to take the iPod battery charger with you. Or you don't even have an iPod or any portable music player. This is an ideal solution for music addicts (like me). The only requirements for this to work is that little program you downloaded is running, and your internet not getting disconnected (and provided that your firewall/anti virus program wouldn't be a bastard). Oh, and there are the power outages. Provided you aren't in a shit hole country like India, where power outages and frequent internet disconnections are a way of life, Winamp Remote is an ideal solution to stay in touch with your music when you're away from home.

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