.... Mamata Banerjee. It was a tough decision, with the Indian Prime Minister and West Bengal Chief, Mr. Bhattacharjee running close behind. Its always a close decision when it comes to deciding the Indian politician with the best gimmick. Yet, Mamata Banerjee managed to slip past the others. What Banerjee had that the others didn't in their gimmick, was the way Mahatma Gandhi's non-violent methodology was misused.

A 25 day long fast, and a dramatic hospitalization was enough to guarantee Banerjee the politician with the best gimmick award for 2006. Seriously now, is it possible to stay alive without food for a month? Unless one can live off of their fat, like a camel, it isn't possible. Maybe that's what Banerjee did all these days, live off of her excess fat. And still, she looks like a pumpkin that one would crave for Halloween.

From the 'protesting-and-standing-up-for-the-poor' act, and right to the hospitalization, its the role any Indian politician would long for. I mean, what else would get you more votes that suckering the poor into believing that you actually care for their cause? After all, the farm lands in this West Bengal area is so infertile that the poor buggers shouldn't be allowed to be paid compensation, or better yet, be employed by the industry that is taking over the lands. If that happened, who would vote for you when the fools get enlightened, both monetarily and intellectually?

Apparently, she has "evidence" that the farmers' lands were taken by force. Yet, it hasn't been presented. She had been protesting for 25 days, but not a single evidence was presented. And now that she is hospitalized, I wouldn't be surprised if this drama slowly mellows down and fades away from the public memory - the public has a very short memory, like not even 64 MB - or if it takes a new twist, like most soap operas do. After all, it looks like a political theatric gone awry. What interests me more is the food that Mamata would have had secretly, during those long "bathroom breaks".