Some time last week, I had blogged about the annoying website I came across. Today, I accidently stumbled across a spoof of that on YouTube. So I got a little curious, and searched for more... and guess what? I found some good spoof (or is it spoofs?) of BadgerBadgerBadger. I guess annoying things can be fun after all!

Badger spoof(s?) have become a kind of cult club with more and more users responding to the annoying animation. Here are some of my favorites. Hopefully, you have a lot of time at hand and are bored to death, so you can watch all of these videos.

Check out this neat little animation. Must have taken him/her a while to make this. And what more, its so "famous" that it has become a post-dinner family activity, with fathers asking their sons to act it out! These guys obviously had a lot of time at hand to act out this hilarious spoof. I don't know why this one is called a GeoBadger, but it sure close to the sillyness of the original version. "Hmm, how much more silly could it possibly get?", you're probably wondering. As silly as doing the Badger dance at the airport! Now thats hilarious! And here's a stuffed doll version.

Out of all these, two stood out. Check this little girls reaction, totally hilarious! And weird laugh too... She does quite an imitation too! And finally, the Live Action Badger is probably the best spoof of all!

If you still have a lot of time at hand and are bored to death, check out YouTube for more. More and more Badger spoof(s?) are being posted there everyday.

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