"The post title is quite odd", you probably thought. It's supposed to mean "a famous, well known person in the Blogosphere". Probably a combination of the words "blogger" and "celebrity". Wicked imagination indeed. Kineda's widget will tell you what list of bloglebrity you fall under. It uses information provided by Technorati.com to calculate your "fame". So what are you waiting for? Go check under what list you fall under!

Although it says I'm a B-List bloglebrity (high authority group), it is kind of hard to believe. Though I have about 170 links to my blog, I don't consider myself "famous". I'm more like a Paris Hilton or a Nicole Ritchie - although they have a high rank in Celebsville, they're talentless and plain stupid. Not that I'm calling myself stupid and talentless, nor did I like the comparison I just made (ugh). It's just that I don't have tons of readers. Anyway, it feels good to be almost at the top of the food chain. The only way to climb up the list is to have legal links to your blog. Loads of them. So if you are interested in a link exchange, just contact me. We underrated bloggers need to help each other to climb up to the top. I'd love to be at the top, have tons of readers and comments, loads of compliments and hot chicks dying to sleep with me! Don't you? Which sane blogger wouldn't wish for those???

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