Okay, so its that time of the night when you are bored to death and have nothing to do. Until Super Slim (look! Up in the air... its a bird! It's a plane! No, its just a moron with a stupid blog post.) comes along and rescues you from the evil clutches of boredom. Today, Super Slim has for you a few Blue Screen of Death goodies. If you aren't yet enlightened about the Blue Screen, read my previous post. If you're still confused, go away. This post is not for you. Go drool over the picture in my last post.

The notorious Blue Screen has been the subject of many easter eggs (not related to the easter bunny). Lots of video games have easter eggs based on the Blue Screen. Startopia for example, and the famous SWAT 4.

Check out this totally hilarious Intel commercial! In fact, the Blue Screen of Death has been an inspiritation to coining new similar corny terms, like the Red Screen of Death, White Screen of Impatience, Spinning Beachball of Death, Spinning Pizza of Death etc.

The Blue Screen did not spare even Mr. Gates, as you can see from this video. Pretty embarassing. Internet Explorer has a pretty cool easter egg on the Blue Screen. Just type in "about:mozilla" in the address bar and hit go (Only IE 5.x or later). If that doesn't work, its probably because you were an idiot and typed it along with the quotes, or you have Service Pack 2. If that doesn't work, type res://mshtml.dll/about.moz in the address bar and hit go. You'll see a blue blank page. This is IE making fun of Mozilla. If you have Firefox installed, type in about:mozilla, hit go and see if you can decrypt the "biblical" message that appears.

The BSoD has attained so much "popularity" that Microsoft has it as an official screensaver! It is even the subject of bored nerds who have nothing good to blog about (like me), as can be seen here. And finally, there is a huge gallery of hilarious instances of the BSoD.

That is all I have on the BSoD... for now. Like this post or hate it, I killed atleast 10 minutes of your boredom, and therefore deserve a cookie.

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