I found a rather weird story down at StyleIkon blog. At first, I thought it was some kind of joke. Britney Spears is adopting a child who was affected by the 2004 tsunami tragedy. Read about it here. I googled, and indeed, found a few entries on it. I would link to one of the results, but I happen to hate Perez Hilton for some unknown, mysterious reason. I'll just link you to a google search on it.

So anyway, human morals have hit such a low that adoptions are done to stay in the spotlight. Apparently Britneys break up, and the cootchie shots that followed haven't done her "reputation" any good. So she decided to go the Madonna way and build some. And lets not forget, Jolie and Pitt like to take back home souvenirs in the name of adoption from every foreign land they step on.

Celebrities are obviously ignorant of the fact that inter-racial adoptions are a sensitive thing. It's almost impossible, unless you're willing to change yourself and give up being selfish (which obviously Britney is not willing. See the next paragraph). I mean, who would want a stripp... whor... slu...bitc... err... lets just say controversial... Who would want a controversial step mom? Imagine... the kid wakes up one day, turns on the TV and finds his step mom flashing cootchies to the paparazzi.

Britney’s had a turbulent year and wants 2007 to be brilliant. As well as wanting to look after her would be adopted child, she is determined to make a music comeback with a difference,” quoted a source. The "unbold" text can be ignored.

And interestingly, Britney's would-be-child is named Wang. Hmm.