I'm actually surprised that some sanity prevailed in the prosecution of Shibu Soren, the politician. Its probably the first time in Indian politics that power wasn't misused in hindering the legal process. For the first time, I did not look at the front page of the newspaper and go "WTF????"

Good stuff. But one thing I can't believe. Okay, actually two. One, this idiot was still kept in power though he had a major murder case against him. How the hell did the Prime Minister trust this bugger and put him in the council of ministers, I guess its like one of those universal questions that will never be answered. And along with this story, was this piece of story. So it was kind of a double delight for me, seeing that some sanity is prevailing in the country's legal process, and powers are not being misused.

Oh, and the second thing that I could not believe... what's that you ask? Take a good look at this pic, and tell me how one cannot say that this moron is a freaking psycho??? He looks like a terrorist! Does it even require a legal process to have the slightest doubt that this moron is actually a murderer? If you think no, then maybe I'm psychic and probably read his psychopathic mind.

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