And finally, Saddam's death sentence gets the approval. Now, there's just too many people talking about the "consequences" that may arise if he is hanged. Even people who don't know much about whats going on join in on the "debate", just to get some publicity (I'm tempted to link to a few of them, but hey, I'm a nice guy who's not looking for trouble, atleast for now. I got changes to implement around this place ya know). That's just pathetic, and these publicity whores should be hanged as well.

Okay, coming back to the topic at hand. Saddam is a great humorist. Even as he is staring at death's face, he cracks a joke. The Human Rights people and the "Watchdog Group" aren't short of jokes either. And India has something funny to add to the occasion as well.

Putting all these jokers behind our back, don't you think most people are kind of going soft on the bugger? Saddam HusseinFor someone who has killed so many innocent people, does he really deserve a soft spot? It seems most of today's politicians are tiny balled idiotas, starting from the Indian Prime Minister. Politicians and Human Rights people both, pursuing their narrow, unenlightened self interest, piss me off.

While politicians need errr... things for their country from Iraq, and don't want to create the least bit of animosity, the Human Rights people want... what else? Publicity. I'm yet to see any Human Rights people fighting for any cause that might not make it past the second page of a newspaper. I can't help but imagine a hypothetical situation now. Imagine if bin Laden is caught, would the Human Rights people try to kiss his ass in the name of "Human Rights" to get some cheap publicity? You, as well as I know the answer.

** RIP = Rot In the Pits.