I love the United States of America for two reasons. One, even a loser like me can get hot chicks. It's pretty easy, especially if you have a weird accent. Two, you can become rich overnight. Or atleast take your best shot in becoming one. And no, its not the casino route. Its probably one of the easiest ways of making money. It's the new S word. Sue! Its also the new L word, lawsuit.

In the USA, you can sue anyone for pretty much anything! And you'll probably win, or atleast get a settlement. I've heard pretty funny lawsuits filed in the US of A, including a couple filing a lawsuit against a Hotel for bed bug bites. And for how much? $ 20 million. Ahahah! The latest attempts to the "get rich quick" routine have been made by Evil Knievel and Mariah Carey.

I bet by now, Kanye West is wishing he never made that damned "Touch The Sky" video. First, it lost the Best Video prize at the European VMA. A defeat that he didn't accept err... sportingly. If you remember, he said the video "cost a million dollars; Pamela Anderson was in it; I was jumping across canyons." Indeed. Money + Pamela + Boobs + Canyons = Genius! Okay, back to the story. It seems Evil Knievel is as impressed by his video as the VMA judges.

Knievel is suing the rapper for impersonating him in the video. A bad imitation, I might add. We all know Evil Knievel is not an ideal hero for kids, since his canyon jumping antics have more than likely caused many imprudent brats to tumble headfirst off their bikes in copycat stunts gone awry. But after witnessing Kanye's sore-loser behavior, we must admit Knievel is a better role model than "Kanyevel", because a busted head is better than a swollen one.

Moving on to Mariah. The diva thinks, after selling about a gazillion albums worldwide, that she might be confused with Marey Carey, an adult film actress and a wannabe governor. The diva is suing Mary in an attempt to prevent Mary from copyrighting her name. Another attempt at misusing the Copyright policy. So says Mary's lawyer, "My first thought was, does Mariah Carey realize what her lawyer is comparing her to and are they seriously concerned? Do they seriously think the fans are going to be confused?" The guy's got a point. If Mariah is so worried that she might be confused with a porn star, maybe she should lay off from those skimpy clothes and weird Barbie hair extensions.

I believe these two women should settle this maturely. A pay-per-view mud wrestling perhaps. Oh well, thats my imagination running wild. But after seeing lawsuits being filed for really stupid things, I feel really encouraged to move the USA and sue random people I meet. And with the money, I would get the ever out-of-reach hot chicks .