No, this is not a Hamlet-like suicidal question. This is more in the tone of a lonely 19 year old guy from India, stuck between worlds and wondering if its worth still being a pessimist, or to turn into an optimist and expect some good stuff this new year. Optimist because the year is over, and I've survived some pretty nasty shit(s?) in life. But pessimism takes over at the thought of "what more shit would this new year bring along?"

From being hung like a horse, to being chick-less, being stuck in a shit hole of a place, trying - in vain - at getting some traffic to this blog, and to other pretty serious things that I won't mention, its been a pretty rough and tough year. Atleast some people, like my good friend Elena, had a pretty good year. You'd think posts like that would make you jealous subconciously, and in turn would make you more determined to work harder and come out successfully, no matter what (bad) luck has in store for you. If only it were that easy.

I think one of my major resolutions this year should be to become a celebrity. Then I'd get to go to foreign lands, adopt a child from an unknown African or Asian country (to increase popularity), make out with hot chicks (Shannon Elizabeth and Scarlett Johansson hopefully), get drunk and flash my crotch to the paparazzi and STILL be famous, and be the talk of the town. Hey, I'm just human and I'm entitled to have unrealistic resolutions.

Ah, so 2007. What to expect? I'm not so sure yet. It has been a rough ride, this year. Actually, the past 3 years. And recovery has been slow, and it seems the harder I try to get something done, the deeper I fall into this invisible, but very much existant dark, deep hole. Feeling of emptiness is no fun, obviously. I guess at some point of time, you have to step on other people in the hole and make your way up, using them as "steps". Or maybe one just needs some good luck. I don't know. I gotta wait and see, careful not to let any fucker use me as a "step".

I'm pretty sure most of the readers would be able to relate to this mixed feelings/emotions whatever. One moment you're depressed over something, and suddenly the next, you have a sudden surge of optimism and want to do out-of-this-world things. Then you're depressed again. And the cycle continues. Atleast thats what it has been in my case (I think I'm a bit bipolar). But lets just hope this new year, there would be less terrorism, less towelheaded extremists, less stupid people, no emo and pop punk bands at all, less corrupt politicians, no attention whore celebrities and no fake ass rappers and hip hoppers. Most of all, lets hope this year would be totally wacko (like my blog)!

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year (this is so totally unlike me)! And hot women for all (now this is more like me), even Clay Aiken. Lets make some realistic resolutions, people. And keep them!

P.S. Sorry for the emo nature in some parts of the post. This is one of the very few times you'll find The Slim being emo, so make the most of it to be nosey .