Lately, I've been having pretty weird and supernatural dreams. It all started with the weird ass alien-in-the-rooftop dream I had a few months ago (read it here). You would notice my writing is pretty much different from what it is now... that was a few months ago. Astonishing how ones writing style can change soon. Okay, back to the point. I've had some more of supernatural dreams, some having aliens in them. It's pretty weird... I'm starting to think these actually have some kind of message in them. Like some supernatural power is trying to communicate with me (psssh, don't laugh!).

The recent two dreams I had have been the weirdest yet. And scariest. I'll start with yesterday's dream. I was with some chick in the beach. It was after midnight, and there was no moonlight. So obviously, it was dark. And for some reason, I was seeing myself in third person. We were running from something, I don't know what something was, but we were running from it. And thats how we ended up in the beach. We decided to "hide" in the beach. This part is pretty funny, because there was nothing in the beach where we could hide. Me... in my dream. Maybe it was the darkness we decided to use to our advantage. So anyway, when we were sure that we had lost whatever that was chasing us, the chick lighted a match. She was pretty scared, and we looked around, it was high tide. The matchstick ran out, and it was dark again. She lighted another match... and horror. I had disappeared, and in my place was this scary alien dude, with big black eyes (exactly like the one in the picture, but only sideways. And he wasn't that skinny). The glow of the match reflected in its eyes, and the chick let out a scream and I jumped out of my bed, confused and scared.

I'm really not sure what this dream intended to mean. Maybe that I'm actually an alien? That would explain why I'm different from most people, and why chicks don't dig me. But no. Somehow I think there is a deeper message in that dream.

And then I had another weird dream. It was today, early morning. Me and one of my pals were driving in the countryside, and it was midnight (in the dream). We were discussing something, don't know what (probably hot women). The highway was deserted, and it was eerie out there. So we're riding right.... and riding and riding and riding and riding. Its a long ride, and even I was starting to get pissed off in the real world (somehow I was able to figure out I was dreaming!). Then all of a sudden, my friend starts to talk as if he had a gag over his mouth. It sounded real weird, and scary. Now, I was trembling and was in half a mind to jump out of the car and just run away (pretty weird how you get such silly ideas in the dream world). But I decided not to. I kept asking him what was wrong. I couldn't exactly make out what he was trying to say, but made out the words "blue" and "mountain". He was pointing towards the little mountain that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, to our right. I peered in the direction he was pointing to... and I thought I saw something. Then it was there again, a scary and eerie blue light - the size of two stars - disappearing behind the mountain. Even I started to mumble like my friend at this point. *Poof* I was awake, my heart was beating fast and I was pretty sure I was mumbling the same thing in my sleep too.

I know it might sound really hilarious to those reading this, but I'm convinced there is some deep meaning to all of this. And I still get the shivers thinking about the dreams. And its almost midnight. I wonder whats in store for tonight. Hmm.

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