I got a weird email yesterday, about linking to a certain blog. The email provided a link to the blog, which I obviously clicked. It appeared to be an anti-terrorism, anti-Arab and anti-Semitism blog. Well, actually extremist. Here's part of the email:

Hi. My name is Hot Secretary (name changed, obviously). Perhaps we have met online, but more probably you don't know me from Adam. I monitor blogs for [insert extremely stupid blog title here], and came across your post.


Obadiah - an anonymous Israeli politician - writes extremely controversial articles about Israel, the Middle East politics, and terrorism.
Shoher is equally critical of Jewish and Muslim myths, and advocates political rationalism instead of moralizing.


Please help us spread Obadiah's message, and mention the blog in one of your posts, or link to us from slimspeare.blogspot.com. I would greatly appreciate your comments.

Best Wishes,
Hot Secretary.

The contents of the blog was more in the lines of "Muslims suck!", "All muslims should be shot" and "Islam preaches terrorism ARGH!" etc. The author chose to be polite only in a few places. I did some research on the "anonymous" author, and the blog itself. Turns out they have had their blog banned several times before. But the author wouldn't quit being an asshole, and would make new ones. The author even wrote a book about his views on Jews and Muslims, but Amazon banned the reviews and lifted his book from their site. Google banned their directory listing, and their presence from AdWords.

Two things went through my mind after all this. One, I came so close to meeting/talking/chatting/emailing whatever with an Extremist asshole. Or atleast his secretary (hopefully, a hot one). Imagine an anti-Jew from Israel. Two, take a look at the bold text in the quote from the email I recieved. The secretary, or whoever came across one of my posts obviously thought I was err... extremist on the Extremists too. Maybe they thought I was anti-Muslim when I bitched about terrorists. The question I want to ask you readers is: Do I sound Extremist/anti-Islam? Hopefully not.

And about linking to that blog, only if the secretary sleeps with me. Ahahah. Actually, no. I don't support extremist views. I sent a reply. I tried to be as polite as possible, yet let them know I was waving my middle finger at them. The reply was more in the lines of "Fuck you, Hot Secretary. Though I agree about the anti-terrorism part of your blog, everything else is total bullshit. How about... [CENSORED]." But the reply was polite on the outside .

Now I'm worried they'll come after my ass for being err... indirectly impolite. I wish they remain their ignorant self and blog about stupid things. That way, it won't cause a Universal imbalance. And my ass would be safe too.