It's a racists worst nightmare. One moment you're insulting someone (thinking you're) on your way to fame, and the next, you're made to kiss the ass of the entire masses of the race of the person you insulted. It happened to Kramer and now, Jade Goody of Big Brother fame wants to be "goody" two shoes. She's on her way to India, apparently to "apoligize to people", as Indiatimes' version of Times of India puts it. Obviously, she isn't on the Government's list of "official guest".

Blair and the House of Commons probably had a role on this. They're already hit with Islamic problems, and the last thing they wanted was Goody running her mouth like that on National (international?) TV. I hope to find a video of Blair conversing with Goody about it. He would probably be all like, "Aye bitch! Do you realize what jeopardy you have caused on our relations wi.... nuclear deal.... buttsecks with Mushar...errr... world domination.... blah blah" with his funny little accent.

Though, I wonder what Ms. Goody Two Shoes would do for fun down here. Obviously she can't go around calling people "dog" or point at a random person and tell them to go back to "the slum". Thats as stupid as going to a gangsta territory and calling them niggers. She better not make the mistake of visiting Calcutta, or atleast hope the people are ignorant (as they usually are) about the Big Brother incident, because there are plenty of emotional bastards out there who get provoked very easily and would give her a hard time.

My guess is that pretty much wherever she goes, she would get a hard time from local politicians, who are always looking for an opportunity to boost their votes by debating in length about unimportant issues (Yes, believe me. Our local politicians never look into issues of importance, like proper roads or good infrastructure. But they always seem to boost their votes! Lets just pretend we don't know how that happens). So yes, Goody is probably in for a trip of her lifetime, and it isn't going to be very pleasant. She will be atleast food poisoned once during her stay (which would be played down), which she would blame on the "stupid" Indian spicy food of course! She would be better off staying in a hotel room, stay low profile, eating soy beans, tea and crumpets.