... and this must be sad news to a lot of people, because I'm going to start boring you all to death again! Ah, so anyway, this was a much needed break, especially with all the things that have been going on. Don't worry, I'm not going to put all the personal shit right here... I'm not going to start boring you all to death all that immediately .

But during this "little" break, I missed a few things. I missed Lizze's and Cap's blog posts (I'm a regular reader, you know). Have a lot to catch up. And most importantly, I missed Cap's birthday (grrr). She turned 180 (don't look at me, go to her blog and see for yourself). I mean, what could be more fun than hanging out with an almost two centuries old person with a cat named TFC (the fucking cat), and watching them blow all the 180 candles on the birthday cake? (*pufff* *pant* *grunt*... I know, I'm evil )

I missed all my online friends (Komal, Balla, Yogi, Jay. Oh, and how can I forget Elena, even though she probably had a bad PMS and deleted all her online contacts ), and have a lot of catching up to do with them. I've completely lost track of all the blogs I read. Must have missed atleast 20 posts in each blog. And then there are the usual things that I would have missed... porno, hot chicks on MySpace, and tons of new music on Last.fm. And probably some bullshit celebrity news that is only worth making fun of.

But heck, I'm back and I'm feeling a lot better from the things that were bothering me (Thank you Liz ). I'm not completely okay, but I guess I'm good enough to handle them..... for now atleast lol. Now, I got some searching to do and find something stupid to blog about...