Someone should start a show called American Tard and put all the idiots who audition in American Idol in the show. Sometimes these idiots try to be so funny, its not funny at all. And yes, unfortunately I watched American Idol for a second time. But what I saw in it was enough to make me never watch it again. Take a look at this retard...

Ian Benardo. He's even got his name on his T-Shirt in case he gets lost in Wal-Mart. And he wants to be the next American Idol... great. He is a superstar, a singer and a dancer. He is also a pathological liar. He even calls the road kill he found "wealthy fur". He must be the resultant of a family that lied to him as a child too many times about talent. He says he has two therapists... wonder which one of them shoved him off to the other.

His singing... I'm surprised Cowell, Paula and Randy haven't had a breakdown since they met him. "Gloria... Gloria...", what a faggot. We might probably see Paula drunk again on TV after that. And Oh. My. God. He actually says "thank you" after Randy is all Hypnotized. "Are you real? Is... is this real", Randy goes. Yes, he is real... a real moron. And Simon must be getting soft, his criticism was real mellow. Or he must have learned to deal with the mentally retarded. "It's just rubbish". "Rubbish? That's British for garbage?" Oh wow. Give the man a cookie, he actually knows what rubbish means.

I'm amazed Simon got bored, I was laughing my ass off just like Paula and the guest judge. He can have his face right there on the sign, but it would read American Tard. Or better yet, he should have his face on the side of a milk carton with "missing" written on his big forehead. I doubt anyone would claim to be his family though. And now, he's out there wandering the streets. Watch out people.